Cali Bamboo Review and Quick Installation Overview – How to Install Engineered Bamboo

In this video I install engineered bamboo flooring from Cali Bamboo.


Steve Hellmig says:

Suggestions please. few pieces have expanded during the last few weeks of summer. Any suggestions on how to not have this occur in the future after changed boards out? One board expand to 4 1/16th from 3 3/4. I let it sit for 20 days before install. It’s a floating floor. Love the look, worried about the expanding boards. Thank you.

Wesley M says:

I would strongly caution against gluing only the first and last row. The bamboo in the middle is going to try and move as it absorbs and releases moisture. With the edges glued in place it may have nowhere to move and could buckle.

Zeb Zeb says:

No acclamation? Cali recommends 12 days of layered stacked acclamation before installing. The antique java is a very popular style I love all calibamboo products. All though expensive it well worth it if you appreciate good quality floors.

Lass-in Angeles says:

Very poor video quality where view was so narrow I could see nothing. You showed nothing on the actual install.

Mikhail Kosa says:

What happened to submerged plank two weeks later I wonder

Pete Brown says:

I love this kind of strand bamboo. I have a whole floor of an older one, and I’m putting this in downstairs. But do watch out for the splinters – they are NASTY. Long and super thin needles, worse than any wood splinter I’ve had. If you mess up an edge or have any tearout when sawing, you need to make sure it won’t splinter at all.

Bobby campbell says:

This Is a shitty how to video!!

Deepa Shrestha says:

why would u toss it away !?

zrabbithunter says:

Since the material is so hard, do you recommend a certain saw blade to cut?

Constantin Moisei says:

what is that tool at 3:21 ? Is that a powder gun ?

Veronica Acosta says:

How much was the gun?

Kayleigh Chevalier says:

I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

James cooper says:

my dick shrinks when cold water hits it.

Ady C. says:

How ridiculous you guys can be?
All the important steps of how you attack the corners and edges are with high speed.
Do you really think this is helpful?
Well, I thought that this may need to be helpful for those people who never install this floor before.
The truth is, you are just amazed with the job you done, probably because you never expected to do it so well.
But in term of training, a huge zero, nothing, nada.

arubadooba says:

Cali Bamboo is a very low VOC product, why would anyone want to use an underlayment that is intended to be used outdoors. Tar paper contains asphalt ultra high VOC. Don’t use it, use red rosin paper instead.

April Merritt says:

Did you have issues with creaking? We are in the middle of an install now (t&g engineered nail down) and it creaks with every step. How far apart did you staple?

Mike Brenneman says:

Really appreciated your video and will be installing our first hardwood floor tomorrow.
Excellent, but for a beginner like me, I would like to know more about the type of glue to use and it would be very helpful to know the details of making a chalk line. Thanks a bunch for your video!

toto wolf says:

Not sure what the instructions say but I don’t think gluing and nailing/stapling are compatible.

Should have drilled and then hammered in the last rows and face nailed final row

Curt Swartzwelder says:

Very nice work, Its been a couple months, are you still happy with the flooring ?

emmagata says:

We just bought Cali bamboo flooring. I noticed you glued down the last few rows by the french doors. Did you glue down your starter row? Did you float everything else? I’m trying to determine if I should glue the whole thing down or not. Cali does not recommend putting the floor under permanent fixtures such as kitchen cabinet if you float. It’s unclear if you can put the flooring under the kitchen cabinets if you glue. Of course it’s easier (albeit a little more expensive) to put down the floor first and not have to worry about trimming out around cabinets and such.

Beth Yardumian says:

FYI vertical video is terrible for anything longer than a Vine video.

djcsr says:

Helpful tips and the flooring looks very nice! I think we’re going to use the same product. Here’s a quick tip for you: turn you phone 90 degrees and your videos will come out with the correct aspect ratio automatically; then they’ll look more like a professional how-to video than a bystander at a police shooting 😉

Rhiannon Angell says:

You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Hickey One says:

Cali Bamboo is the worst floor ever. If you live where the humidity is over 40%, it will start warping in less than 2 weeks. Whether is is glued down or floating.

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