Two-Piece Baseboard Prep before Install




Edenilson Lopez says:

I recommending use wood glue bro

vantuan ma says:

There are knowledge & secrets that people refused to share. Thank you for that!

Michele W says:

I love tall baseboard. Great tip!

Dave Moreno says:

What do you do when you have a nail in the kerf of the saw blade?

jamie murray says:

Thanks for the tip brother! Appreciate it!

pieter dautzenberg says:

tanks man

Donna M. Schmid says:

Wow… Great tip! Thanks!

SO LT says:

How often do you hit a nail with the saw?

Markore says:

What height will your “yellow” and “red” saws cut standing up? My “blue” compound 12″ tops out at 4.5… I’m not naming any names. 😉

David R says:

thanks for the tip!

whatburnout says:

Dud your the man

curt sundell says:

Don’t you have a mill that will cut the profile you need? What a wast of time.

Sergio Lugo says:

I trim 3-4 thousand square foot houses with this base. I never taught of this man, this is awesome man, thank you! A lot people like to keep these type of secrets to themselves, I really thank you, this will make my life so much easier!

Eunique Beautae says:

Awesome tip!

1hjehje says:

Great idea .. Thank you!

Chris Lamarche says:

do you cut your miters or do you prefer to cope?

Joe Kool says:

You’re the man!!! thanks for sharing.

Luis Figueroa says:

Wood glue? I’m only asking because I’m a woodworker and I put glue on everything from my small projects to the large ones. So with something like this, would it be personal preference on using wood glue?

Sandra A says:

love the background music 😉 lol

Dan Berube says:

Good little tip. Good time saver

MaxSafeheaD says:

I expect it might be handy to mark up where you need to cut first so you don’t end up with a nail in exactly the same spot.
Yea, I know what are the odds … but then murphy’s law …

Brian Curry says:

why not use base that has the ogee built in already? Also do you ever run into a problem with your saw blade hitting the nails?

WoodRodent says:

Good tip.

Mike Endsley says:

Damn man, you deserve way more subscribers. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Anaconda Squezze says:

I haven’t found a single video from DFW that’s not useful….perhaps the age finding trick with the measure tape. Lol

Jean-Pierre Guay says:

How do you manage the nails when cutting to size ?

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