Installing Baseboards With A Finish Nailer-DIY Tutorial

In this video, I show you how to install baseboards with a finish nailer. It is a really simple process. You basically have to measure and cut the baseboard to be the perfect size for the wall (precision is important with baseboard trim), and then use the nailer to tack each end in place. Once you have secured the ends of the baseboard to the wall, you can simply install a nail every 12 inches (while trying to hit as many studs as possible).

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Xanhnha Luu says:

Stop hating on a brother trying to make our lives better. Grow up!

ATXTube says:

sounds like someone is grabbing your balls while you’re speaking. I liked your video however. I learned something

Fat Rabbit says:

Holy fuck I dropped a dislike right away from the intro.

Chris Slowik says:

Lay off the energy drinks, bro.

Steve Henricksen says:

why is your voice so high pitched, it’s uncomfortable to listen too.

Oliver Schmitt says:

Your are one annoying dude.

metali10 says:

Your giving me a headache Wow:-(

Kolton Thompson says:

Try to get some better audio on your videos and you won’t get so many trolls. Also, the reason “some people like to put nails every 16 inches” is to catch a stud.

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