Installing Baseboard: Cutting a baseboard cutlist


Boom Chakalaka More Fire says:

In a perfect world this would work. Practically speaking no house has 90 degrees angle. Good luck following these rules…
They will look very bad.

TheJimbojetset1 says:

good video  but why do you Americans  never work with millimetre’s its more precise

Milan Adamovsky says:

I have a DeWalt 716 miter saw.  I am just a weekend warrior, but that Festool miter saw looks sweet !  Very well explained and pace.  

Aj Rozema says:

My saw cuts upto 55 player, im gravy

Faruk Atasever says:

Perfect. Perfect. Thanks for sharing.

ringside judge says:

A really class video.I am 64 years old and have watched and re-watched these videos multiple times, as I have been doing some panelling at my home in Northern Ireland. I have found them better than any night class at college and would like to thank you for going to the trouble to post them.
In particular , for a DIY er like myself, I found that the creep in technique was excellent. I watched your cut list post and had difficulty understanding to some extent but on watching you at the saw it all fell into place and the penny eventually dropped, Absolutely professional and precise explanations of the correct way to use a saw when looking for perfection. Many Thanks again and keep them coming

PBS #007 says:

what size blade are you using ?.

Jeffrey Lombardo says:

you waste a lot of moulding.

BlitzFingers says:

Mine just arrived today! It’s still in the box 🙁               for now that is…

Peter Felix says:

Awesome video/instructional, thank you, this helped me tremendously.

Judith Macdonald says:

Very thorough teaching; i learned a lot. Hope he does more videos!!

ottismymann says:

Excellent video!  Very well explained.

Harry Sabunani says:

i like this guy!

Phil Inglese says:

I like your style of cutting. Neat and clean cuts.

Aaron West says:

The angle finder is nice but then your running back and fourth from the corners to the saw. Nice vid

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