Installing Baseboard: Coping Inside Corners

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CRofMelbourne says:

Where is part 3 of this video where you show install? You said you were going to show how to notch the baseboard with a utility knife to fit your 1/16th cutout. In addition, I would love to see your technique for install.

Fishingtuts says:

A variable grinder with a sanding wheel makes coping easy work.

whatfreedom7 says:

I have a odd cut I’m not having any luck with and yes I’m inexperienced but I’m trying to learn. I’m trying to cope cut the baseboard which will be butted up against a cabinet toe kick which has some decent curves to it. I can’t trace the side I’m installing on so I traced the opposite side on the left on the back side of a scrap piece of baseboard. My issue is when I cut it with my coping saw the curves don’t quite line up even though it’s traced perfectly and I’m cutting on the line. It’s almost like it’s shifting the curves vertically a little and then it won’t sit flush and leaves about a 1/8″ gap. Is their a trick to this type of cut? I thought surely I could just trace it and cut it but it’s not working. I wasn’t cutting my trim at 45degree first but is that required if your not mating the same two pieces of trim?

adam petty says:

if you got the money buy a coping machine if your doing this for  living

Mikelzzz83 says:

You are a great teacher
Thank you!

Tina Moreland says:

Great tutorial Your a natural teacher.

BigFatLoserDude says:

powerful Dremels with toothed cut-off blades work nicely also for coping. And they are very lite and easy to hold,,,, but you REALLY have to watch your clothing around them.

ShadowlessPhantom says:

I coped some crown a few years back using a 20 year old cheap jig saw and Gary’s DVD. As I approached close to the line I used a Dremel with a sanding drum. It came out great. Now I am have a barrel saw with a Collins Coping Foor and am going to run a couple hundred feet of BB.

fran soto says:

Stan lee?

Shane Kastner says:

Ever heard of a dremil? This is like a video from the 60’s

johnaeras says:

Just bought the jigsaw coping shoe and stumbled upon your video for techniques on using it.
Your video is very informative (probably more for professionals than amateurs )

Anthony Paolella says:

Great Work !!! Thank You!!!!

JulyValerie says:

The best coping instructions I’ve found yet. Thanks!

Eric Smith says:

You’re awesome.

Hooter Bear says:

You are by FAR the best at explaining anything on carpentry, THANKS!

William Smith says:

What blade are you/is he using?

NewShockerGuy says:

THANK you forf this!

Amazing that I have been doing normal 45′ degree cuts when this looks SOOO much better!

JSV0001 says:

Wow, Awesome video. Love the detail in your videos. Thanks.

Daryl Norton says:

Why not start at the beginning for beginners?  What angle did you cut?

Anthony Paolella says:

Great Work, Thank You !!!

Walter White says:

That’s a good tip Stan, I always tell the wife the same thing,
“always keep two hands on the tool”

renaissancemen1 says:

Is this hard to do with a regular jig. I don’t have $3000 for a Festool. I usually use my table saw for my speed copes.

OgGarcioVega says:

Its nice to see that Stan Lee has other hobbies other than comic books. I knew it was him because of the thousand pencils in his pouch.

S Thunda says:

So in order?…1. Make relief cuts  2. cut on a 45 degree angle with coping saw

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