Install Round Baseboard On Square Corners

Easily install round baseboard on square wall with a few helpful tips. Get the look of custom trim with DIY tips.
Rockwell Jaw Stand XP
Rockwall Jaw Stand
DEWALT 12″ Miter SAW
FastCap P210 Kit
FastCap P210 Glue and 12 oz activator
Ryobi 18 Gauge Trim Nailer


Juan Torain says:

as always, nice work

Z Z says:

Love the video

Ron Phillips says:

Thanks for the trim tips a great video

Roy Brown says:

Really enjoy your videos. You explain things in a way I can relate and understand.. Thanks.

vladomie says:

It’s these small details that make a big impact — nice video.

Bageera Sixtythree says:

Thanks for this!

greco37 says:

The only problem with that is the base profile is now thicker than the door casing. Now you need plinth blocks at each door.

csreece1987 says:

I have an original rockwell jawhouse and this would help a lot in my world working alone

michael chamberlin says:

Great job, anxiously awaiting the shower

buddy2280 says:

Informative as usual. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

R. Chip Denief says:

Great trim finishing tips… thanks Paul!

AdirondackNY says:

Fantastic tips

J T says:

Paul, what is the dust collection bag on your saw?

Paula Harris says:

Thank you for explaining this process.

Maynard says:

Looks as if it would be a bit of a struggle if you were trimming out a full house.

SouthCoastBrewing says:

Thanks Paul!
This is an excellent video on on rounding corners. You provided great incite on how to make the cuts, and gluing the pieces. Thanks for the tips. The Rockwell JawStand will be an excellent addition to anyone’s tool box.

Cody Clanton says:

Do you always use a ballpoint pen when doing trim?

Brian gaffney says:

Hi paul thank you for keeping me updated about the Facebook page your about to set up. Much appreciated

tcbink says:

Liked the video and even picked up a new trick in my arsenal. I use P210 for everything. Thanks for the video.

Chris J's Clockworx says:

Called a nipped corner. Old school trim work. Also calling “stacked moulding ” albeit this is a simple example. Nicely done explaining it.

Jay Baker says:

Great look on the round corners!

Charley Robinson says:

The rounded corner is a nice touch.

David's Favorite Videos says:

What I like about the corner is it’s less prone to damage, is stronger and you won’t stub your toe on it as easy, nice work.

Steven T says:

That is a very nice look. Great video!

Jim Pinkham says:

more work in making the corner cut but certainly gives a lot better presentation when finished.

Dave Cox says:

Great look on the baseboard

Rhonda Smitherman says:

I lov3 your work. I am still working on my tiny kitchen whenever I get a chance. Getting the wallpaper off is a nightmare. I love watching how you always have or know of just the right tool. Thank you for the videos

Scott Parks says:

I always have had issues with rounding out trim. Thanks for dumbing it down for me.

carl vansant says:

great idea to add a custom touch

John Cormier says:

Comment is that is the bees knees ! I can use 2 of these for sure !

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