How to remove baseboard without damaging wall or molding

How to remove baseboard without damaging wall or molding.

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kiheisun says:

Do you have to cut the caulk?

XxStratAttackxX says:

Great tip! I’m an apprentice trim carpenter and every time I have to pull something off a wall I end up making a dent or in some cases a giant hole when a piece is stuck to a stud so stubbornly. This will definitely save me some trouble with the boss lol.

David DeRolph says:

I’m wondering, did you re-use the baseboard? In other words, did you re-install the removed baseboard? I presume re-installing it was the reason for carefully removing it and avoiding splitting it during removal. But, can you confirm this?

2QUICK says:

Thank You Sandra, very helpful for sure!

simonfraserfan says:

good explanation and video. Thanks as I have to do this before the Ikea guys come to build my Pax wardrobe and attach it to the wall. I was hoping to remove only a part the width of the wardrobe, but it seems I need to start at one end and remove the whole thing. I don’t have a special saw so I guess I need to do it your way. Thanks again.

Howardsend88 says:

thaks. regards from dublin

Joelle Dicks says:

what color is that paint ?

JP O says:

Sweet. My contractor should have watched this. He paid tho, took 319 off the bill.

brahim119 says:

Sandra I have to thank your very clear instructions which I followed, my work is done. Without your instructions I could have done a very poor job and would have had no dinner for at least two days, the _boss_ is happy. Thank you very much for sharing. Good job with the camera.

Chunky Father says:

Awesome tutorial, I just bought my home and the crown molding has been painted several times over and it looks ugly. I bought paint stripper but it’s making a mess on the molding. I’m thinking of removing the molding and buying new one, not sure what to do ?

Sir Bruce says:

This is a great video! I really enjoyed when the camera man stated, “Those are my earplugs.” That was so funny!

francesco casalenuovo says:

too slow

Jüdäs says:


Don’t let the internet make ya nervous, let that dirty word fly free.

Evan Quinn says:

lol a woman

ll says:

You look like my aunt. This was a weird… but helpful


Its actually not pronounced Cau “L” K

Sarah Miles says:

A zoomed in view would help!

Helen Henwood says:

How do you get the baseboard back on? Won’t nails show through? Also do you have to caulk once baseboards are back on?

pramja51 says:

Thanks for the tips! I’ve used your tips on two projects now, and I will soon use it on the 3rd. 🙂

Ron & Heather Chiu says:

Thank you! Using the wood piece made it so simple! And fast!

Stop Sign says:

I wish there was a close-up showing how and what you are actually doing…

Crypto Jihadi says:

Thanks. Just what I was looking for.

Jordan Jerome says:

LoL. Its pronounced like Calk. Why is she pronouncing the L so hard like Culk

James Elmore says:

Disagree! Cut the caulk, but come from the bottom and pry up where the nails are…piece of cake.

Also, don’t use the 5 and 1 to cut the caulk, it’s too large, and don’t face it against the wall. Instead, cut down between the wall and the baseboard with a sharp utility knife. Do the same cutting between adjoining boards so that the baseboards are separated from each other. Then you can use your prybar between the floor and baseboard to pry upwards. So much simpler. The extra board could come in handy. Pull your nails through instead of pulling them out but don’t bend them unless throwing the baseboards out. Mark your boards with a letter or number and mark the wall they came off of unless you are going to reinstall quickly. I’ve got to do this because of creaking 2nd floorboards next to the wall; I’ll need to drive a 3 1/2″ Spax construction screw at an angle through the drywall and 2 x 4 and into the floorboard…I had a lousy builder!

Jemease Tate says:

Yeeeessssss! I can’t wait! I was so afraid!!!

J G says:

Thanks for sharing this! I followed your procedure and was able to remove all the baseboard from dining room and kitchen.

We are having to replace the floor due to a plumbing repair — the plumber jackhammered through our beautiful tile and through our slab! LOL! We are going to lay down a floating luxury vinyl plank floor in case there are ever any other plumbing repairs.. that way it won’t at least damage the flooring.

kiheisun says:

What is the easiest way to put back the baseboard you’ve removed after you’re ready?

Hannah Kampmeyer says:

Thank you for sharing this video! We were able to successfully remove baseboards in our new home because of your video!

Nathan Grady says:

perfect thank you!

Kate Eng says:

So helpful!! Thanks for the excellent walkthrough!

huttarl says:

+1 for “Those are my earplugs!” 🙂

Random reviews & tomfoolery says:

It looks like you zapped yourself on open electrical outlet at 0:54?

Ozark Farming says:

Very helpful. Great video. Thanks

Jalapeno Popper says:

Ear plugs for hammering!?! Your ear drums must be perfect haha

Logan Storm says:

Thank you.

unscrewedhorses says:

This was so helpful! Thank you!

Jared says:

I had an issue before where the baseboards had long staples in it. They were very hard to get off and a lot of them ended up breaking. Any suggestions?

Glenna Blomquist says:

Well done!

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