How to remove and replace damaged baseboards

Coping Saw
Miter Saw
Brad Nailer:

In this video I show you how to remove baseboards without damaging your drywall. Also how to do a profile cut and how to use caulk.


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Steve Archer says:

Just a general safety caveat- cutting towards your body with a sharp object on a dense surface is probably not the greatest idea. Take precautions or stand above the area while cutting away from your body.

Araceli Gutierrez says:

Great info for a beginner like me. I have a question. I would like to replace my basic baseboards with updates ones. Right now, we have a carpeted living room and plan to eventually install engineered wood floors. Should we wait to update the baseboards until after the new floors are installed? Or does it matter? Thanks!

John L says:

I never use caulking to glue corners I always use wood glue and when I shoot pin nails I shoot them in so they cross one another to help from pulling out… If I have a gap I fill it in with Light Spackle and when it dry’s you can sand it smooth or use a wet rag to wipe off the excess. It also fill’s in the nail holes better than using caulk which you can’t sand and make smooth ! you will just have a mess trying to fill in holes with caulk.

toto wolf says:

trim puller for 30 bucks is the best invention made

sara koshy says:

sara mathew, My question is are u able to come and fix my home dry walls and my dog chewed windows.

quickquill says:

awesome bro

Donna Shanks says:

Great video. Very helpful. I’ve watched it many times to make sure I get it down.

Carina Chavez says:

What if the wall the baseboard is on is a painted cement wall? Still use a straight knife? Also, since I wouldn’t be able to use nails to make sure it sticks to the wall, what would work best in the nails place?
Thanks ahead of time!

Lee Llewelyn says:

It’s called caulking not cocking dumb ass!

Ryan Stevens says:

That looks like ass and mdf is garbage.

Cynthia Hernandez says:

What if I don’t have one of those saws. Do I need to invest in one?

Autris C says:

what type of saw set is that?

John Horton says:

Awesome video! Thanks for it.

Haider Biswas says:

Very nice. It will help me.

Dale Newman says:

That looks pretty good dude!

Friends of Thomas says:

Great video! Clear steps and good results!

Kirk Bagley says:

Nice tip on finding the right length at the corner.

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