How to paint baseboards like a pro

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How to paint baseboards like a pro


Corey Mcniel says:

so i made it too . just by using woodprix woodworking plans 🙂

jeffostroff says:

I always paint all my baseboards BEFORE attaching them to the walls, makes more sense. We prefer to spray them first, then install, instead of spending a half hour per baseboard, and no need to tape the wall either. We also sometimes rest the baseboards outside on a table and use hot dog rollers to roll on the paint. See my videos for this. By spraying them outside, it is done in seconds.

New Challengers Hobbies says:

I can’t believe No one is talking about how bad his brush strokes are. No way that baseboard looks good up close. You can’t get a good finish without backbrushing after painting the whole baseboard with the brush sideways.

Anette m AA r- k eh z says:

I still don’t get it I messed up

Starr Myres says:

I’ve found awesome plans on woodprix website. just check them out.

Tim J says:

Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha! ! ! ! ! ! Boy what a idiot….


Top lines ain’t as straight as you think, look closer. You need to cut back right to left as well to straighten the bumps out, not so much on a light colour walls like magnolia, creams ect. Where as dark colours like blue and grey need solid white lines.

john john says:

your line on top of the baseboard sucked. you know it did , that’s why no close up

steve scott says:

Just use the blue 3M tape. Press and seal it down firmly and pull off while still tacky.

Rebecca Ritchie says:

Thank you so much for these videos. They were a great resource to have while painting my first home. 🙂

Kevin Jones says:


Noriman Noriman says:

You are very pro man

Sugar Jets says:

Pro-tip: If you want laser-like lines between walls and base, even over textured walls, here’s how.

1). Before you paint anything, run a bead of caulk on top of base. Your caulk tip should be cut at a 45 degree angle w/ the hole about the size of a small Rosary bead. Start at one corner and keep the trigger slightly, but consistently, pulled all the way to the next corner. Caulk line shouldn’t be much wider than tip of your finger. After caulking one wall, dip your finger in water and run it over the caulk line with a nice long even stroke, from corner to corner, creating a smooth concave surface transitioning between wall and base. Allow 30 mins dry time. If you know how to multi-task, you can find other things to do during dry time.
2). Next, paint the base. Don’t worry too much about over-painting on the wall. Just make sure you fully cover the top edge of the base. Allow for dry/set up time. 2-3 hrs. Multi-task again. Do some dry wall repair, paint some doors, make friends with your client’s dog, etc.
3). Next, tape the top of the base w/ 1 inch Scotch (Delicate) Blue Tape. Run your finger firmly across the top of base making sure to create a nice tight seal between wall and base. This is the most critical technique. Just feel your finger squeezing the tape tight btw wall and base.
4). Roll out the walls getting as close to the taped base as possible. B/c you’ve got the 1 inch tape,roller sprinkles are not an issue.
5). Brush, or (if you’re confident by now) weenie roll the transition/cut in btw wall and base. Allow 30 mins dry time. Take lunch.
6). Lastly, pull tape off slowly, but deliberately, and feel like a master craftsman as you pull off a miracle to behold.

There is your laser-line btw wall (textured, orange peel, knockdown or not) and baseboard. You can also do the same thing transitioning btw popcorn ceilings and walls (textured or not).

Please don’t think I’m bragging about my technique. I have only spent a lifetime taking this trade to higher levels of expertise.

Goten TV says:

The idea of “cutting” is to make a perfect line so it don’t matter if u go up a little bit as long as it’s a straight line it’s professional

Hope Remodeling says:

Messing up painting contractors with work like this your leaving paint on walls? no tape not professional at all. Here’s a tip slop in base board tape it up over lap brown paper to cover entire baseboards cut in walls then pull off tape .

Anthony Maniz says:

Paint base first let dry tapes top of base run a bead of clear caulking brush wall color roll wall bam pull tape straight lines this guys a rookie

J d says:

Ok so, he’s fast and does a pretty good job. However if he worked for me, i’d be telling him to cover the floor and slow down. When we go to fast, we make little mistakes, we can compromise the straight line we are following and creating to the wall and floor.. When it comes to the final stages like this, you have to be like a surgeon.

peacefulmeed says:

I’m comforted knowing it took this pro a long time, too. Tedious work.

Beth Long -Farrer says:

Ok question please ease my mind..painting bedroom first rime painter..beautiful accent red wall turned out great its,been a week dried now,i need to tape my new red wall to do a diffrent color on the wall next to it the red is a satin latex..will my frog tape take off my new red paint !? I will ruin the nice straight line for sure if i dont use tape..bigtimeamature..

Aaron Bertot says:

You must be getting paid by the hour.


what is Type brush?

meki boy says:

This is a really slow method. I would rather use masking tape and finish it faster.

JBIRD575 says:

How do you blend brush strokes on gloss paint ???

EZBrewMn says:

Well done Brother!

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