How to Mitre Baseboard Trim Perfectly


How to cut the perfect mitre joint!

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guitarnate says:

I really wish I had used this method when I replaced all of the baseboards in my house. I watched many videos, consulted with contractor friends, and learned all the tricks they use for “proper” perfect corners, and you know what, I still had to caulk all of the imperfections. I even carefully measured using scrap templates I cut to 44, 45 and 46 degrees to quickly measure. Still never got perfectly tight outside corners. I know part of my issue was my equipment, i.e. a consumer level 10″ mitre saw and making my cuts in an upright position. I have so much respect for good finish carpentry now. Mine look good, but next time I’m using these methods. They’ll save me so much time and aggravation! I really enjoy the videos!

R G says:

Just what I need. Thanks for the video. Do you mind sharing what is the brand of the glue you’re using? Cheers from London Ontario!

mohiuddinarifah says:

thanks for the amazing tip for corners, never thought to do it this way. Keep up the good work, also thumbs up on your drywall series, and sanding after priming eh; who woulda thunk it. cheers from Pickering.

Jason Baseil says:

Thanks for another helpful video! What kind of nails are you using to tack the two pieces together?

Andrew says:

Great video, seems like you cover just about every task I need to do around my home. Question though – I’m in Ottawa too and was wondering where you at your large solid wood mouldings? I can only find MDF at most home centers.

Jean-Claude Blanchard says:

That’s good for two pieces of trim, but what about the other pieces around the room?

JBHTWIN10 says:

I thought to myself… “there is no way this is going to work”… mind blown. ha! Every other video I watched said to cope the corners. I tried to miter mine, but as you said, it didn’t line up because the wall wasn’t a true 90… and even if it was, the texture was heavy embossed…. anyway, very cool trick!!!!! Thanks!

Mark Law says:

Inside joints should be coped, not simply mitred.

MystMyth says:

If I’m installing stained wood baseboards I can’t use the painters caulk. Can I use wood filler for the inside corners instead to cut a clean line with the wall? Should I buy and use a protractor to try and measure out the correct angle to get a tighter fit?

Great videos btw as always, you’ve been an invaluable resource to me during my kitchen and tile renovation! Cheers from Montreal!

Jeff Boyce says:

Your Mitre corners was a excellent demo , it’s enjoyable to watch a confident tradesmen, i’m a DYI type and this info has been very helpful for me completing my projects. Thanks looking forward to more.

Gino Guerrero says:

thanks , very smart !

robin sjökvist says:

If the baseboard is 10 feet or longer, how would you use this then? I cant glue and nail them together that easy. Especially not with radiators and such in the way.

Stan Nicholson says:

Very nice. I’ve used this technique using ca glue with accelerator. The tricky part is when you have close inside then outside corners to do all at once.

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