How to measure and cut angles for baseboard, crown moulding, etc

In this video I show how I find inside and outside angles and cut them on my miter saw. I do 4 examples in this video.


Antonio Sanchez says:

Great video. Thanks!

Adeel Khan says:

Thanks for uploading this video now i learnt how to cut it

tim Stander says:

Keep making videos. You’re a great instructor.

Jackie Copeland says:

GREAT VIDEO. How do I view / find your others?

whomadethatsaltysoup says:

Thank you very much for a very informative, clearly explained tutorial on determining correct mitre angles…We’ll all save a fortune on two pack 🙂

Jesus Torres says:

Thank you great video

anthony 35 says:

I took notes…thanks…u answer my question how to find out the angel on a corner …now i need to do is buy that tool …

Mark Spears says:

Your a trim carpenter. I know your traits when cutting these boards. Plus, Chances are very slim the guy who is not a carpenter would know these formulas. I’m a carpenter but chose a little different way to find my angles. I precut my angles in trim pieces and because the angles on a wall would often be a degree or two off because of Sheetrock mud or due to the rock not being nailed off correctly. Great video and refreshed the math for me. Thanks!! Also, you have to be in south Louisiana or at least south of Shreveport. I know the slight accent. Are you Cajun? I’m from northeast Texas about 10-15 minutes from Louisiana. Thanks again, friend!!

HouseMan says:

Your the best!!! Love the way you explain. Good job!

Capitaine Haddock says:

Can you please remake this video with real baseboard mouldings? You will get moulding facing the wall or top of the molding on the floor or even both top down and face to the wall.
You surely don’t use 1×4 as crown moulding.
And by the way, some years ago, a genius guy has invented a thing called paper. It’s a lot cheaper then table.
Have a nice day.

NubianP6 says:

Best explanation I’ve seen yet. Straightforward, and to the point! Thank you!

jay luv says:

I love this tutorial


How do you cut with round corners?

delazzuro says:

Great vid and very well explained…thank you very much.

tellmethetruth4 says:

thank you great job explaining the process

Easy To tips and tricks Etc Etc says:

Is this is good information remember on you also wanted down on the table and tied up against the fence just to make sure that your boards aren’t cocked which will cause the saw to send the wood flying or jerking could get your fingers cut just a little reminder you want it down on the table and tight to the fence which means put pressure downward to the table and back at the same time while you’re holding your material in place before you cut and while you cutting

Nibiru8383 says:

I can’t unhear him sounding exactly like Charles Barkley…great video

caleb homer says:

can you show next time the saw so we can see where 27.5 sits on it please

Eddie Espinosa says:


Kenny Stroner says:

I need to buy an angle finder now. Sure nice having fun with my new miter saw!

Jackie Copeland says:

Thank you so much for the prompt reply! Will be searching, keep on “teachin”!!!

Monika B. says:


Shaun Beard says:

Brilliant solution how would i apply thus to mitring worktop thanks

SomeGuy Somewhere says:

Chris – A great video and clearly explained tutorial. Great job.

I have the same Husky Digital Angle Finder and wanted to point out a feature on this angle finder that simplifies your math calculations for obtuse angles. On your Husky angle finder, please note the two red buttons next to the digital readout. 0/On and REV. 0/On = zero calibration/turn unit on REV = show the reverse angle from 180 deg.

After you take your first obtuse angle measurement (reference 4:40 in your vid) of 110.0 degrees, rather than do the math one of the two different ways you show, there is a third way. With the Husky Digital Angle Finder display reading 110 deg as in your video, press the REV button. This gives you the reverse angle which will read 70.0 on the digital read out. Simply divide 70.0 (the reverse angle) by 2 and you have the correct angle, 35 degrees, for your miter cut. Math simplified!

FYI, I’m not affiliated with Husky of Home Depot in any way. I’m just an interested retired handyman around the house. I really enjoy your videos.

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