How to Install Window & Door Trim – Casing Made Simple

Learn how to install window and door trim and the tools and techniques you’ll need.

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Tyler Drum says:

What gauge nails do you use for door casings?

Saud H says:

Good tips Thank you ,, Regards from Saudi Arabia

bilal wood says:

thank you

Night Wolf says:

How come you didn’t glue your mitre joints, it’s all MDF?? And why didn’t you show the viewers to check for “square” to make sure the top corners of the jam are at a true 90?

DE RAEL says:

great video sir! thanks

A. TREVIÑO says:

5:06 uh ohhh John 1/16 heavy

john smith says:

Why not put the molding flush? I was trying to figure out what the “reveal” means?

Dragonfly Woodworking & Leather says:

Never guess what I’m doing today

The Velo In The Vale says:

The reveal is what we call a Quirk …

James Anderson says:

Why don’t you glue the joints?

jason buchanan says:

Fine work

Budd Hudd says:

I don’t think any carpenter can use hammer and hand saw now a days :-))

Huda Ali says:


Martin Bravo says:


Vic vic says:


R Cherry says:

I wouldn’t ever put glue on my trim. There is just no reason for it. But i like the finish nail trick.

John Smith says:

You didn’t show any problem areas, anyone you has a cookie cutter house built by moneys know the doors and windows are NEVER that well put in. The drywall is going to be sticking out or recessed along the edges, who do you deal with that?

Nathan Lara says:

Thanks for the video, helps with a refresher. its been awhile sense i had to hang trim

Claude Bradley says:

You have the best trim saw ever made!

G00gleable says:

I always use 12″ miter saw but NEVER got the 45 degree cut right! sometimes too wide, off or too long! what am I doing wrong?

Max Federle says:

Thank you. I am trying to increase my usefulness for the company I work for. This is very helpful

Mike B says:

Nice job bud

Jack Holt says:

Great job after 35 years of building homes as a GC. trim work was always my favorite. You did a great job and would hire you in a heartbeat.

Johnney Tilley says:

No guard on saw. Very dangerous

N G says:

Good vid, I use a 23ga pin nailer if I have solid wood to nail to. Tiniest holes ever, most of time don’t even need to white wax them or fill they are like hairs.

Shawn Robertson says:

Lots of time wasted walking in and out of a customer’s house. I still mark my 1/4″ reveals for installing the casing but I just measure the inside on the opening and add the 1/2″ to get my lengths. That way I can measure all pieces, write them down and cut everything at once while I’m at the saw. It can be difficult to get precise measurements when you’re measuring the inside of the miters but you can lay your tape measure out next to your casing, “burn” an inch on your tape measure and then add the inch back…if that makes sense. You can cut an entire room this way and then install the entire room and still get great results.

Phil Pillera says:

I like your idea of using a nail to hold up the molding at 6:50. Have you ever considered moving the nail a few inches (in this case) to the right to be on the vertical piece of framing so that when you apply the vertical trim, it hides the nail? That way you wouldn’t have to fill the small nail hole in the horizontal piece of door framing. Not that anyone would really ever notice it anyways.

cameriqueTV says:

why not attach the spacer to a face, so you can guarantee it’s alignment?

bruce says:

Jon, this video was a great help to me. thanks. One question, when cutting the 45 degree angles on the trim do you have any tips on how to align the saw blade with the mark?

I don't think so says:

What gauge nail is he using?

dande souto says:

Nice vídeo

Boston Ma says:

I think you are aiming your video to profsionals and not weekenders. Photopher is not very effective. Details not observable. Thanks

Car channel says:

I usually level top piece then install side pieces….correct me if I’m wrong

Nicolas Olivera says:

The moment I saw you putting glue in a molding. I knew you were a good improviser.

Joshua N says:

what a sexy beast

Gabriel Escobar says:

Why do you need a reveal. Does it serve a purpose or just for looks?


Very nice , thanks a lot …. ” Hppy Thanksgiving “

William Chessell says:

Concise, complete, simple. Awesome. Thanks!

Laurdess Valentino says:

WOW Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. Perfect.

E Caff says:

Thank you for sharing.  Great Job…

Jim Knell Photo-Video says:

Question on the top molding for the door, i noticed you did the nails at the 1/4 inch mark, similar to the bottom molding on the window.
IS there a reason you don’t do the sides then do the to piece using the sides as the guide?
PS Great great videos, watching a ton today. . thanks

G Kotok says:


Andy Conda says:

Why not measure the inside of window and then add the width of the casing x2 + 3/8ths for a 3/16 reveal on each side?

Darrin says:

What gauge nails did you use to attach the trim to the wall?

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