How to install shoe molding, tips on designing interior trim and molding by Jon Peters

A bit about shoe molding, tips on designing interior trim and molding.,


blackemmons says:

Thanks.  Good info.

Bob Q says:

great video , some times there is no finish point at stairs ect .. so  you can return the cap, base and shoe to its self with an internal 45 either back to the wall or to the floor

Chris Pine says:

It really comes together beautifully!  The small details really add up together to make it look nice!   

buddyy11100 says:

Hey Jon, you made me look at my shoe moldings that were in my house when I bought it. All 45s cut back. I like the back banding idea so much more. Just found another project to do. Thanks! I think. Lol. Thanks for videos as usual. Bob F

CRAIGD725 says:

Beautiful work as always! I’ve been remolding my 1940’s home and your videos have been so helpful in giving me that touch of class/professional look that us amateur’s lack

Philip Jones says:

So neat

archifxllc says:

Hey Jon, great video. Quick Question. I am in the process of installing 5-1/4″ pine base boards to a floated engineered floor. Discovered today that I have dips in some of the floor creating gaps under the base. I never wanted to have any shoe molding but now I am realizing that that may not be possible. Other than scribing every board are there any tricks on how to avoid shoe molding or am I stuck?

Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos says:

The little details can often times make or break a project. Great tips Jon.

Anna Morgan says:

True Craftsman! How fortunate your customers are to find you!

Barry Inn says:

You need to wear a microphone, there is to much echo.

Angela Marchbanks says:

Great tips! I am just starting the process of creating a house plan for molding as we tackle projects room by room. I’m putting together a story board so the house stays consistent. Any ideas for door casing with a low ceiling?

Ron Koiles says:

Great stuff.  I would like to see you make a kitchen table.


very good information to know for renovations a new build. I see the big difference attending to detail makes. Thank you Jon.

EmoticonFury says:

I like the felt pads on the nail gun to prevent scratches on the finished floor. Sign of a real pro to think of something like that. 

Bradley Canlas says:


Beth S says:

What is the height of the shoe molding? And how high is the baseboard?  Just trying to figure out a right proportion.  We have a 6″ high baseboard with a 1″ cap so 7″ overall.  Just a simple square craftsman style.  I’m thinking this would complete the look better than a rounded shoe.  Thanks!

Justin Crediblename says:

what is the purpose of shoe molding?

John Heisz - I Build It says:

Great trim details and a great presentation – I’m really enjoying all of your videos.

James Draper III says:

This is how I load my nail gun

jzizzles says:

Looks freaking amazing. The guys who did my house were GARBAGE.

Alex Gordon says:

Sweet, I’m never 1st. Now let’s watch the video.

Sonny Wilson says:

Man that looks very good

Laticia Cull says:

Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already 🙂

Fizzy Yam says:

Nice job.

Do And Brew - DIY says:

Nice video & tips Jon – liked and subscribed!

Jon Jon says:

Awesome. Great tips. Thank you.

S Russell says:

No subscribe button on this video? How do I subscribe?

Mrs Johnson says:

Thanks! This helped a lot!!

Lewis Garnett says:

Thank you. Quite helpful.

Norbury53 says:

Very informative Jon, and a very nice job indeed on the mantle – I hope your clients realise how lucky they are to have commissioned you. I am, of course, assuming that this wasn’t a “love job” – of which, I am sure, you have more than your fair share. 😉

Scott Kershaw says:

Thanks for the excellent lesion. Great tips and I am in love with your channel. Nothing but great stuff!

EchoE West says:

As with all your videos, nicely done.  Was looking forward to the shop video, but this was a nice surprise.

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