How To Install Large Profile Wood Baseboards

In this video we will show Tips and Tricks to get a Perfect look installing your oversized Trim without the cost of hiring a Carpenter.


How to install baseboards.

This Youtube channel was designed for average help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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M Iss says:

He’s an undercover MMA fighter

Jesse T says:

Great videos.. just wondering if I use the same 5″1/4 one step baseboard would it look odd with my 8ft ceilings and 2″1/4 casing around the door? Should I go thicker casing if I go with 5″1/4 baseboard? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Joe Friday says:

Great advice. Thanks

Matthew Fargano says:

Love the videos, I did my bathroom using your drywall video. My next step is to do baseboards, your video came just in time.

ron johnson says:

So baseboard first then your flooring

ConnieMacks says:

Hi, I’d like to see a video on how to replace or repair a sub-floor that has partially rotted. I’m fixing up a 1969 split level ranch and there are just a few places where there was leaking in a crawl space near pipes that rotted 1-2′ of subfloor. I have no clue what supplies I need, or how to go about accomplishing this repair. Can you do a video on sub floor repair?

David W. McQuarrie says:

Thanks, Jeff. This video helped to answer a question I had.

Ronald Khoo Kah Hock says:

I am sorry , you must have gotten asked alot, whats with the shiner on the eye?

Todd Ray says:

Love your videos Sir! Learning a lot, would love to see video describing flow of work like your suggestion of base trim before paint and after priming.

Noah Sorensen says:

Hey Jeff! I love the videos. I just wanted to say that you can cope your corners with a grinder and sanding disc works faster

Truth&Dogs Chell says:

Love your base board video. THANK YOU!

Jordan L says:

It’s amazing how many great tips you have for even the simplest jobs. Keep it up!

Joe Petch says:

That’s a nice shiner.

JohnCena Champ says:

you look like you went to a tool garage sale of the hood and got returned with severe physical damage

Kenny R says:

You got knocked da fuck out!!!

Cat G says:

now that you used a shim ,the gap next to the wall, what type of cocking do you use?

shelby boytchuk says:

Just a bit of critique from a trim carpenter… I scrape the inside of a corner with a 4 inch drywall knife and use a scrap as a guide to tell me how high to go. Also you cant assume corners are exactly 90… If you want truly clean results u must get a yellow angle finder they are literally $6 at HD in Canada and probably less in the US. Figure out what the angle is, do the math and with a little practice you won’t need caulk in the corners or shims. and the lack of shims means the caulk line at the top of the mould is constant and close to the wall. Also CA glue and accelerator make a world of difference speed wise.

I am a fan of 99% of the videos tho (Im just picky about trim)

G D says:

Pump up the base! I always like to mitre as well. You get a good surface area to glue.
I used to shim at inside corners or fire a couple nails behind to keep it from diving in and leaving a gap.
I now prefer to put my fingers behind base a couple feet from the corner and pull base out a couple inches. I then put a nail close to the corner into the bottom plate. When I push the base back against the wall the nail acts as a fulcrum point and closes the joint.
Another great vid dude! Thanks!

flavin flavio says:

Thank you so much, increible, next week I will be installing a 5 inches basebord, after i done with the laminate floor,
Thank for the tips

Khyber Safi says:

Blasphemy. A Dewalt Miter Saw on a Milwaukee stand. Lol.

Jim Tsalkos says:

excellent thanks for all the tips

mohiuddinarifah says:

nice tip with the glue and the shims, thank you, also take care of that eye, you gotta mighty shiner there, hehe, take care man, great videos as always, you make it look easy.

George Vamvoudakis says:

I wish I could hire this guy to fix up my house in Michigan. He really takes pride in his work.

Nrfa says:

Great video and tips. Do you have a video like this one, but on trim for interior doors and crown molding/round bar at top of wall/ceiling? Please let me know. Greatly appreciate it. In my opinion, you have the best step x step videos out! Please keep them coming. So informative. -T

Larry Cook says:

Another good video.

Sonny Wilson says:

Good video brother I’m a big fan

But I’m not gonna lie that one Serious shiner!!!!

Bill Deng says:

What happens to your eye?

jawad dakir says:

You have the best videos on you-tube in this Field Jeff hands down, my man cave is coming up together smoothly thanks to your videos, keep them videos coming, thanks again, one question is it better to install the baseboards before the underlay and the laminate flooring??

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