How to Install Chair Rail and Picture Frame Moulding







Mike Pisano says:

What molding did you use for the chair rail and the boxes?


Hey man how do you charge for doing something similar to that?

I like Plumps says:


Michael Liscsak says:

If you have a room with different length walls, do you do different sized “boxes”to fit the walls ? ( same room)

normal225 says:

You talk sooooo much

Way Woodworking says:

Thanks for the layout tips! I racked my head and did some bad math, found your video and it worked first shot!

jiumu yihua says:

My most loved trim videos

whopper61 says:

What size and type of molding did you use for this? The kind for chair rail and for the box?

Juan Cabrera says:

Richard, if you plan to pain the top portion of wall with a new color, do you recommend that to be completed first or after the chair rail install?

Benny Hannah says:

The picture-framing trim … that looks like a baseboard cap. Is it? What trim profile [#] is it?

Law Office says:

Love your work man, I wish I can have some of your skills so I can work on my house, good job and keep up the good work

Joseph Leonardo says:

Where it says car ment to say jar

Marcus Williams says:

Beautiful work Richard. Going to install in my house. But what color and brand is that on the stairs with the wainscoting?

Papa Wheelie says:

Learning ALOT from you!! THANK YOU!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

RealTakerslady says:

Beautiful, what nail gun do you use?

Kareem Tanksley says:

Thanks brother I love your work

Deborah Barnes says:

I have a curved wall. How can we tackle a curve.?

Eric Bordeau says:

Looks great. Try using a little wood glue. Cheap insurance on them holding up.

Aaron M says:

would you recommend using some sort of adhesive on the molding in addition to the finishing nails?

Night Wolf says:

Hello, thank you for the video upload. Can I ask why you guys don’t prime and paint your frame mouldings before you do your install? Also, you and just pin nailing these guys into the drywall, it would take nothing for them to bulge or pull away from the wall over time….why do you not use a small bead of some type of adhesive on the backside before you install?


u are goood in this..thanks for enlightening us..

Randy J says:

Just a question. I noticed that the framing you just shot a Brad nail in it but will that hold just by nailing that in the sheet rock?

Chris Hughes says:

Love the videos, man. Informative and well done.

Rupinder Matharu says:

Great video! Thx for taking the time to post.

cmiller88581 says:

Get a chalk box and fill it with baby powder. That’s what I use whenever I have to chalk over top of carpet. Easy clean up

userfixit says:

Hello Richard
Really enjoy your Videos and it is nice to see how you approach a Task!
I wish I had your knowledge, skills and experience.
I enjoy woodworking at home with a small Marginal shop
I’m retired now so I have time to watch your Video and LEARN.
Bob. Athens. GA

Ian Murphy says:

What do you do if there is a gap between wall and top rail from dip in the wall? I can’t put a nail in it because there’s no stud at the hollow part!

ThomasAmp Day says:

Not the best I’ve seen but also not the worst yeah I’m lying probably the worst you were killing me the whole video first off your chair was 8th short at least should I mention you didn’t glue your joints. Owell right? Killing me home slice

Kallid Aziz says:

Hey I live in mckinney do you do any work in mckinney

Priya Sunkar says:

Great Video. I have few questions and need recommendations from you on installing this for our new home. Do you know of any contractors or will you be able to come to austin for installing these for our new home?

Matt Walker says:

Great job!

Hughes Home Improvements SP says:

Nice work, we prefer assembling on a work table with a square jig, glue and pin the miters then attach to the wall with a couple of dabs of caulk on the back and a few nails always looking for studs to attach to.

Naseer e Milat says:

What timber do you use for the boxes

Scott Kaufman says:

what type of nails or staples are you using on this project?

Recovery12Life says:

these are great videos man, keep them coming. question. when im hanging moulding i drive myself crazy trying to find studs. how do you avoid this?

Wilver Santos says:

Respect master.

Zara Zamzuri says:

HI, THATS GREAT..can i hv a size of the small square block

Derrick Keane says:

Keep up the great work.

Tyler Pilgrim says:

That looks beautiful! Thank you for posting this!

Tyler Pilgrim says:

This is so simple your are brilliant!

Nicholas Hooven says:

Love this vid.

Dewey Smith says:

Lay out going great for me with your method. Only one thing. I have a low window in the mix. Can I email u a pic and get digestion. I think I know what to do. Just wanna make sure I’m right.

Joseph Leonardo says:

Custom custom custom always custom with you I love it no cookies in your car great video

guesly jean says:

You really know your stuff brother. All I can say is WOW. Thanks for your Videos !

Ramandeep Singh says:

What is the material from which the moulding is made??

Jim Nelson says:

I’m gonna use this video to do my dining room. I was actually wondering if it was easier to premake the frames but this video answered my question.

Lil Stack'n says:

Love the look but thinking about how dusty baseboards get… this just makes cleaning a bigger chore 🙂

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