How to Install Baseboards / Skirting Boards.

How to Install Baseboards / Skirting Boards. How to do a coped corner on baseboards for an internal corner…..if you now what l mean 🙂
G’day Knuckleheads, Uncle Knackers here and welcome to Ep 37 in my Owner Builder Series. I’m now deep into the fix-out which includes things like installing the baseboards / skirting boards, architraves, doors etc. In this video we look at installing the baseboards on a straight run with a demonstration of how to correctly join two bits of baseboard / skirting board on an internal corner by performing a procedure called coping. Check it out and let me know what you think…

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Uncle Knackers

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Ben Barker says:

Only just found shane and i think he is great! Easy to watch and understand. Great presenter! Keep them coming mate!

superkaylo says:

Great video – just had 20 meters of skirting delivered and ready to get it stuck on the wall now – cheers!

Jim C says:

always learn heaps and love watching your videos.

Rick Ladd says:

Had no idea how to do a coped corner. I looked at other videos and they just confused me. Ran across your video and you explain it perfect and made it simple to do! Thanks! Cheers!

Illuminated Eyes says:

Best video on youtube for installing baseboards. This video owns everything else here.

Michael Anderson says:

I  usually put a light pencil mark on the wall a bit higher than the baseboard. Did you do that, or how did you find the studs with the baseboard in place? Was that plastic clad baseboard or just prefinished?

Michael Morris says:

Mate you’d think you were doing these just so I get it right with my reno. Thanks again!

Eicles says:

That corner looks fantastic. Cup of tea time!

Justin Bent says:

Excellent! Great tip on starting the corner cut with the chop saw. Brilliant.

Mario Rossi says:

love your videos man .. but buy a mic lol

Benedict Clarke says:

such a well explained video. Do you have a video on an external corner for skirting?

frank o'brien says:

who forgot the 10 mm floor expansion gap?,good video.


like marty, I am also glad to see the return of the “great tip kackerrrs” !!! hahaha I love this channel

grumpy poo says:

Very clearly explained… now for a well deserved cuppa!

kansasboy011 says:

Looking good Shane!

Mark Luther says:

Am I missing something? Have you painted the walls yet? Wouldn’t it be easier to install the baseboard after painting so you don’t have to tape off all those edges?
Great tip on getting the corners to look square, I always have problems with that.

matt2eadgbe says:

shouldn’t you make a leading edge the entire way down? you still have a flat edge on the bottom portion that could show imperfections in the wall. Do a 45 cut the opposite way you did it then cut the curve with the coping saw.

whopua says:

I didn’t get that nail tip but still learned a ton. I’ll watch it again and see if I can figure it out. Cheers from the States!

scobiemacd says:

Jürgen klopp installing skirting. lovely stuff

PheezusTV says:

You’re a genius, Shane! I feel pretty confident taking up new projects because of your videos

Fredi Bailon says:

thank you

Kenny Ritch says:

Awesome video. Thanks for the tips!

Sumo's Projects says:

Tip top uncle Knackers, can you also keep making your woodworking segments please, your channel is grouse & the bees knees

namyl01 says:

G’day Shane,
Been watching your vids since #1 and love ’em all. Just starting my own big reno. Luckily I got a great builder doing most of it (our niece’s fiancee). But I’ll have a chance or two to use some of these great tips, Knackers!
All the best,

Dale Gomm says:

Great tip on coping Shane. Always enjoy learning from your videos.

Mitch Maguny says:

deffo klopp

Vikas Gujadhur says:

Im useless at DIY but I subbed your channel because I like your style and attitude… maybe Ill learn something too :p

owen fishburn says:

Cheers enjoyed the video. Do you not find that if you use the chop saw to cut the face of the scribe with out a back cut that if the wall is over 90° that there will be a gap. I always use a hand saw and put a back cut just incase.

Eli Garcia says:

If you cope cut all of your baseboard you’ll spend way more time

rusio90 says:

Awesome video! I’ve been holding off doing this project because I had a problem wit the corners. Thanks for the instruction.

gsf67 says:

This process of coping has driven me mad until now, your explanation has cleared things up for me.

Rainagain1975 says:

Love the videos, great tips and info!!!

Anthony Jerak says:

simple Simon love it

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