How To Install Baseboard

Shannon from shows you now to measure, cut, and install MDF baseboard.


Wallace Grommet says:

He just never learned better

Raj Rajendra says:

Great job Shanon. It helped me a lot. Thank you.

Al Most says:

Good Instructions. Thanx

Shane Macinnes says:

No glue!!!!!!! Outside corner? Go home bro, this is not carpentry.

begley09 says:

Only thing I would add is when nailing, make sure you line your baseboard up as you go along. Also small detail but angle the gun with the grain- less of a hole.
As for your inside corner- cope!

Mystique Life says:

aren’t we supposed to cope the baseboard for inner corner?

justhe9ofus says:

This is so great!

Ken Jones says:

How in the heck are you sitting like that?

Nawaf says:

Wall color? plzzz

francis gill says:


Roger Smith says:

You lost me when you used silicone. Unless you know a way to paint silicone.

nyima Choenyi says:

great video. thanks.

Clayton Sanders says:

You must be from Canada or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan huh?

Wallace Grommet says:

A coped joint is superior, as it clamps the adjoining piece with a joint composed of a an identical vertical profile

Derek Resendes says:

I cope my inside corners and I try not to nail within 6″ of the corner, to avoid any deflection that may occur and create a gap.

Mark A says:

Last time I could sit on my feet was 50 years ago.

Jason B says:

Cut the miter first when doing a piece that has one straight end

Andy MacKenzie says:

great video! Thanks!

ChrissyH says:

I am really confused at the “angle” you are cutting on that first piece…and why you stand the piece up, instead of laying it down? Was that just a normal miter cut, but just with the piece standing up? Or did you turn it into a bevel cut, by standing it up like that? It was really hard to “see” the angled in the video, so I cant tell how it was cut.

Wallace Grommet says:

Inside 90* miters are for picture frames

Jim Bo says:

If you are not up to scribing the joint then screw the boards to the wall. If the joint is bad, unscrew and start again, correcting the cutting errors. Use a plug cutter and plug the hole with the grain running in the same direction as the board. Only use nails when you are sure you won’t want to do anything twice.

mike doyon says:

Had to give you a sub, you do everything!!

s static says:

Im a DYI is there a certain size miter saw that you need to cut base boards 9/16 in. x 5-1/4 I have a Ryobi 10inch I stood the baseboard up like you did and it wouldn’t cut all the way through

WeCanBpals says:

Thank you

Yongly Cheng says:

my room has concrete, so what can I do ?

Jamie Justice says:

you explain tasks so well. thank you for making sense! haha!

Black Jedi says:

Shannon the real MVP 4 years later

Lyle Feucht says:

I usually cope my inside corners but i have a full house to do next week using MDF and your video convinced me to say “the hell with it” and just do inside corners like you do.
Of course if they were wood i would still cope.

J.E. Rice says:

Great video!

Cesar S says:

Nice calendar

Pandora Destiny says:

You should have coped that inside corner. Not very professional.

Tania Rodriguez says:

so would you say that who ever installs baseboards should also apply caulking as well? Thank you!

Ryan Stevens says:

Looks terrible. MDF is junk.

Mr Goat says:

Nice calendar

Joe Swanson says:

12:18 who the hell installs an outlet so close to where the trim would be that there isn’t even room for a faceplate!?!?!

zeppy13131 says:

Thanks for another great video! You’re excellent at presenting these things in a clear, natural way.

Raafat Kamel says:

I think u need to caulk the thingy after the whatever u do XD LOL

Chuck McNeil says:

Thanks! Great video and I am ready to do this. Great pace. Good to hear a great Canadien doing this. I’m sorry all our worst are threatening to go imigrate, but I’m sure most will fail to follow through. Just like they failed to vote.

MJ Remy says:

I knew you were Canadian the moment you said, “Out”! Very good video, and much appreciated!! I have to install some molding over a wood floor in my RV. This will be pine wood molding quarter round 1/2″ x 1/2″. Problem is that though the subfloor is plywood, the walls are only 1/8″ thick in places. Should I use Titebond Wood Glue on entire surface of molding plus some brad nails with nail gun, or just glue corners? Will the air compressor split the thin molding?

Now to figure out what ‘coping’ means! Thanks again!!

Harry Sabunani says:

what color is that paint. I really like it

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