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Are these the worlds best knee pads?? My nailer
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1stTiger Tiger says:

Owner should have concealed the black drainage pipe (source of original flooding) with a bureau. It also looks easy to damage, especially for their Air B & B “guests”.

Nicpedia says:

Nice work! Looks good. I did like the bathroom overall. Wonder if they can apply a type of sealant polish on those tiles. Very pretty tile.

I bet yah five bucks they were running the air cleaners for the scent of the caulking, new flooring, and/or the musty smell of the furniture that got wet and re-installed. You and I don’t notice how much new material (flooring, baseboard, paint, caulking) smell since we are so use to it. 😉

devon wiltch says:

Fyi not sure if u may know this but if u want to measure baseboard without measuring the linear footage of the walls, take your sq ft total and multiple by .33. Example

500 sq ft x .33 = 165 lf, this works extremely well with rooms. This will not work with hallways/corridors..

Dani Diaz says:

a very important detail to look for the wood to itself the base is much better and more secure the base

Christopher Cutforth says:

Love the ghost!

Dave Meraz says:

So your heading is deceiving as all hell, what did you just show that was different from everyone else making your way “fast and easy”? not faster or easier, just the same as everyone else bubba!

Alex P says:

I would love to see tips on how to read measurements fast and how to not make any mistakes in doing so

Michael Breaux says:

Too Many Crazies!! I agree

William Molchan says:

The fastenmaster glue gun also can glue carpet tack strips to concrete and tile , secure molding to concrete , stabilize crumbling concrete as well .

shoey rocks says:

Man u r Paranoid

dlb21988 says:

Why miter the inside corners? No profile on the base

Cherie Vallee says:

I wouldn’t want to clean all that grout in the bathroom.

stang7043 says:

Looks like you need extended mags for that finish nailer. lol That bathroom sink faucet looks odd.

Michael Breaux says:

The Flooring and baseboard looks really good. Great Video.

Scott Gibson says:

I now realize my wife and I got a really good deal on our basement renovation. Our basement is much larger than that, say 1,700 sq. feet and our flooring is some fancy ceramic tile, the floor is heated and all the cabinets are custom made. A professional designed the project and it surely looks it as I have never seen one look so unique. We paid around 125,000 and I thought at the time it was a lot of money. The down side is it took them longer than some homes are built. Our house is in an expensive town in Westchester NY were the houses start at about 1 million. I say this because I was raised blue collar and do blue collar work, automation repair and have rarely paid anyone to do any work in my home, I am getting older and I just did not want to take on such a large project at this point of my life. I think the bathroom looked nice and that white bathroom and kitchens are very common in my area. Nice work, take care. One more thing in Westchester a handyman can make a very good living as people are willing to pay for good work and they generally don’t do any work themselves. I am semi retired and my wife has tried to get me into the business, I only do my own work because its how I was raised and we were on the poor side.

Lance McLean says:

Nice job, looks clean !  The expanding bars, can you provide a link or the brand  ?

devon wiltch says:

Here’s another tip

When installing floating floors , typically you want to leave a 1/4” gap all around, sometimes this still may not be enough , along w adding variables such as heavy furniture, temperature and r/h of the home . You can cut a channel at the bottom of the sheetrock about the thickness of flooring materials this will allow the flooring to have extra room to expand and not cause tje flooring at all to buckle, this works well if you have continuous flooring going from large areas to small without making a break ( transitions ) in doorways.

Nathan Unsworth says:

Did you glue any of those external mitre joints

Kirikenz says:

When I was a kid, I threw up on a marble floor and it had the same effect as that vinegar. Is the remedy to polish the marble with an ultra-fine grit or is there a chemical solution that works?

Cam Rodriguez says:

Cool bathroom in my opinion. I’m not usually a fan of marble or herringbone, but it looks really good there actually. I’d be proud to call it my bathroom

ig33ku says:

Actually those are tower fans not purifiers 😛

Kevin Nichols says:

I just added a house to AirBnB in November 2018. I did the Airbnb vs. rent spreadsheet and we need about 53% occupancy to make it worthwhile. (Near Charlotte, NC). When I say make it worthwhile…I mean to make about $4K or more over regularly renting it out. We’ve had 4 groups so far and we’re averaging about $2K/month in bookings (NET airbnb fees)…but before I pay utilities and supplies.

I’m on the fence so far. I’m not sure we’ll continue. I have the home up on zillow as a “corporate” rental since it is fully furnished and I’ve got a few hits from out of town professionals who have long term projects in our town. I hope to sign them on a lease, but nobody has committed yet.

We clean the house…so it’s about a 2 hour process (once you wash sheets, towels, etc.) to “turn” the home for the next guests. I could hire a cleaning crew, but that’ll cut into net income.

Michael Galle says:

I think the glass paneling will be/is a PITA to keep looking good/without water spots but it looks fantastic spotless … And I think a B&B as a business is not worth the powder – it’s not for me.

Thanks for your video. I found it helpful.

Jeff MT09 says:

Good job. Just wondering – it looks like the bathroom vanity taps are wall-mounted, but there appears to be holes in the vanity unit for the taps and spout.

Rene Gade says:

Good job. I gave up knee pads for a folding kneeling pad, I put together from 2 Lowe’s 2″ thick pads. Best decision I ever made. I can kneel on it, sit on it, stand on it, and unfold and lay on it. It has a handle and goes in with me on almost every work order. I did a countertop in a city 25 miles away, and had to buy and remake it over. The next week I happened to get a work order for the same vacant house. Other workmen had recognized it and tucked it under the new sink for me. Now I have 2 sets. lol.

The Handyman says:

Are these the worlds best knee pads??

Rick Moore says:

I prefer to call it a tube finishing compound.

Sammy Elliott says:

What are you filling your nail holes with? I hope not caulk. That’s not you, mr. detail handyman.

moh abz says:

That bathroom looked pretty nice

ChrisC says:

Not a horrible bathroom. Certainly better than mine. Not the wall tile I’d have picked, but meh.

R Cherry says:

Great show. I’ve got ten rentals but never used an air bnb.

Mark R says:

So my question is how much value do you think, in your area, did they add to their property with the $100,000 + renovation? Can they sale that house for $100,000 more cause it’s got the apartment?

Air B&B is just an avenue to make someone else pay for the renovations which is an awesome idea! Why pay for it yourself if you can get someone else to pay for it right?

kymbo72 says:

your knees must be crying out after that job

Sal says:

Holy Shit! I’ve stayed at that air bnb, that’s a trip

Kevin Coulombe says:

Man you are way behind the times get a real spray gun you need to go back to the paint store and get some real tools you’ll lose money using that little toy

John Armstrong says:

I like the wet bath, but not so much the bathroom vanity style with the legs. It looks nice but also looks like a good place for filth to accumulate underneath.

Niko Ramos says:

To install baseboard to concrete use PL as glue plus 1 1/4” finish nails, anything bigger will crumple out

Christine DeD says:

I see an air compressor in the order. Why not use and HVLP gun?

William Molchan says:

Use a fastenmaster glue gun . The special hot glue will set I seconds not hours .

SuperWingman69 says:

Always enjoy your perspective. Great work as usual. On a different subject , and because you aren’t responding to your barn door series videos, is the reason you located the rail lower on the header board you used because of clearance issues with the top of the door to the bottom of the header board? I built an identical barn door as you did, 2.25″ thick. I have 3/4″ casing / trim around the door opening and a 1X6″ header board. I’m afraid the door wont clear the trim / casing. Can you please advise me? Thanks!

Fillow Tree says:

The. Anthropomorphic looked nice but when you take a shower that whole area is going to get wet. All the walls, tub and even behind the tub. It’s enclosed but still to much water spray around. The sheen from the tile on the “shower floor” is not only lost to vinegar but all of the soaps and shower cleaners running down on it. The concept of the BNB is interesting but you have to constantly deal with people coming in and out. You are the hardest working handyman in the business so you have not time. Then With the rental it’s one person handing you the rent envelope each month and if you lucky it can be in cash!!!!!

johnlyn1 says:

So what happens when the floor rises back up and shoves the molding up with it?

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