How to install baseboard molding

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0:00 – Introduction
2:04 – Inside 90 Degree Corner (Mitering)
2:56 – Inside 90 Degree Corner (Coping)
3:37 – Outside 90 Degree Corner
4:45 – Outside 90 Degree Corner w/ Transition Piece
7:09 – Inside 135 Degree Angle
8:40 – Outside 135 Degree Angle
10:05 – Finishing Tips

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M. Muhaimin Khan says:

Thank you so much. This video was very helpful. I just subscribed to your page and will be watching more videos.

longboardguy says:

Thanks for the tips I’ll be coping my base boards for install looks great!

greenspringvalley says:

If you are new to this, keep your fingers farther away to be safe.

Patrick Stokes says:

You saved my life. Thanks for the tip to lay taller molding down.

turbospeed08 says:

WTF, Vin Diesel teaching me how to install a baseboard

tanzak88 says:

When do you make your cut?

edwm114 edwm114 says:

Very helpful. Was able to do myself by following this video. From women can do

RealFifty says:

I know he is just reading a script probably but the videos pretty good except he keeps calling the 45 degree walls 135 degree

Alex Rodriguez says:

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge brother, it hoax helped me greatly in some projects, thanks man. I will continue supporting your channel.

rich lowley says:

base board ? lol its called skirting board

Matthew Lavergne says:

I bought excellent handbook from WoodPrix website. Just google WoodPrix and start your journey to the better life

vj212442 says:


S Thunda says:

Huh?!?  1:22 – 1: 24 Which side to cut for front or back considering if inside or outside corners? I’m lost.

Bhavik Patel says:

Video should be called “Vin Diesel shows how to install baseboards while wearing his sisters t-shirt”

Don Walker says:

This is the most comprehensive baseboard video on YouTube. It goes quick on some parts but overall solid

Patrick Moreira says:

Amazingly made instructional video, really helped me out. Cheers !

LightGesture says:

expensive PVC trim…
interesting how you just let it sag and bow off your table like that. I’d at least angle my table parallel to the wall so its not scraping or in the way

Jessi Thom says:

I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on woodprix webpage 🙂

Chevy72blu says:

What width (at the back, narrowest part) does a 135* outside bullnose transition piece need to be? I know they aren’t necessary but my walls aren’t square (wavy) and I think it would look better. I tried to hand fit a matching 90 outside transition piece( sold as a matched set to my baseboard at lowes), but I couldnt get rid of the gaps well enough. Thanks

don patrick says:

I have corners that are neither 90 nor 135 degrees. Is there a way to measure the degree of angle without a protractor?

العبدالله بن سعد says:

what’s the material of molding you used? is it wood? because it’s look like rubber.

L.A DiNiro says:

Helped me SO much- thank you for posting this.

Jose Manjarrez says:

dang bro, do you even dws780?

Asia Chifon Love says:

This is wonderful, thank you!!

Peter Rangelov says:

Tim Howard’s twin brother!!

Jason D'Onofrio says:

just wondering what the best blade for PVC baseboards cut would be for a mitre saw?

Carla Dasilva says:

Rename this video to “How to measure and cut baseboards”

Sajid Saeed says:

the thing that missing, is the measurement for the baseboard, and marking the baseboard for the inside and outside cuts…

Berke Huizenga says:

Nice movie I think. However you can make it yourself. Just google ‘woodprix’ and learn how to do it very easy.

hantish hurry says:


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