How to Install Baseboard Molding

In this quick video, John from Our Home from Scratch removes his short baseboard molding and installs taller trim. You’ll learn how to install baseboard molding without using a tape measure and more.

You can read the blog post that accompanies this video here:


Mike Bukowski says:

John, I really like your videos – you do nice work and I’m getting a lot of great ideas from your built-ins because I’m getting ready to install some in our home office.  Just a quick point at 4:42, be careful putting your fingers/hand on the wall corner near that finish nailer.  Those nails can have a tendency to blow through the dry wall if it hits an obstruction and they’ll actually bend and go right through your finger.  Ouch!

Paddle Pirate says:

Hey John where did you get your trim from?

swayze2699 says:

Hi, John.  How do you install baseboards on a wall with a 45 degree inside angle?

TaRay Watts says:

This is how one part of my wall is for chair rail molding. So considering the part of your wall we can see you used two 45 degrees with copping ends and the rest are 45. I’m confused about the piece that you measured in 4:13 and 5:04 are those just 45 angles no copping?

k fro says:

WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaBassLady Covers says:

Great vid! I’m going to attempt this…how can I measure the corner so it can be cut at Home Depot I don’t have a power saw or a coping saw?

S Thunda says:

Nice.  I don’t have a compound saw or mitre saw…could I use my handsaw or jigsaw to make the 45 degree mitre cut that is to be coped?  Also, good taste I have the same exact molding. 😉

Lass-in Angeles says:

Useful video. Speak less. Speak slower. Show finished product.

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