How To Install Baseboard Corners That Look Great

How to install baseboard corners that look great


Jenny S says:

Thanks! ;-}~

Lee Woolley says:

In the UK we never mitre internal corners, even if they are a perfect 45 degree angle. The ease of fitting and creating the perfect joint is so much easier when scribing with a coping saw.

As you said, even in new build the corners are never a true 45.

The coping saw is designed so you can follow a mouldings profile, much like a band saw. I tend to cut the straight line on a mitre saw, or with a hand saw, then use the coping saw to follow the profile of the board.

There is no need to stop and start cutting. With practice you will cut these profiles is a matter of seconds.

Nicole Baldree says:

Dude u would be fired first day no need for chop saw after cut all coping saw and you were way to slow also no need to mark the spots your cutting with coping saw

Jeff Bateman says:

I have a huge job to do with about 50-60 corners to do… Seems like this is tedious, but will yield much better results than just cutting 45’s and trying to fill with caulk. Thanks for sharing!

Tammy Brown says:

can you use this method if you need to lay the molding horizontally when you cut? My molding is too tall to lay vertically like the video

Dorohoi Alin says:

6, hîn nu

Archangel0804 says:

Good Vid. A jig saw with a coping foot or a table saw will work much faster, same quality results with a little practice, but good to see people still using and teaching the traditional older method with the hand saw… not everyone can afford all the tools of a professional

Nicole Baldree says:

Not saying it’s bad it’s just an extra step u don’t need complete cop cut after chop saw cut then u use cardboard behind each corner to make perfect every time so the gap you cut in there never moves

Kelsey Leite says:

Thanks for the video. One question. Can you cut one piece so that it’s straight in to the corner and only mitre/cope the adjoining piece?

Brooke Sanders says:

Completely new to this….so the one piece is just a straight cut….the other one WAS at 45 degrees you made a straight cut to the curved part. It is the coping saw I am a little confused about. Is that coping saw angled some? Is the curved part you used the coping part slated back? (if that makes sense)

german borges says:

look nicE

Kayla Troutman says:

That.. was Fantastic. 🙂
How smart?!

Alberto Macstaire says:

This way of coping looks easier. Great Job!

1811bruce says:

Thanks, i like that method!

ATXTube says:

Good video.

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