How to Install Base Trim

How Do You Finish a Basement? Find out how by visiting

See how easy it really is to install base trim on your project! There’s only a few simple techniques that you need to understand and implement to get a professional looking base trim finish!


mrchuck2364 says:

I like to round off the outside corners on the sharp point about to a 3/16 radios, for small children sake…. trust me , it works out nice

billyzoom1 says:

Nice.  Thank you.

Claude Desaulniers says:

Very good, but you didn’t show the inside corner. You went flat against the wall. Most people would cut at a 45. I guess you will be scribing. Many people don’t know that method. You should explain why you went flat against the wall.

jimbo poorman says:

do you paint it first?

1811bruce says:

Great information!, Thanks, starting tomorrow to trim out my house.

How I made says:

i find that measure twice cut once is a joke. i measure once and cut at least 2-3 times lol



avalon449 says:

Galvanized nails? For indoors??

Javier Fernandez says:

I like it

Scott Acklin says:

Get a real saw with a laser so you can see your cut line. It’ll save a ton of time

Annony Mouse says:

I’ve seen people use magnets to find the drywall screws on the studs, what are your thoughts on that technique?

avalon449 says:

Is it be wrong to glue where the two 45’s meet?

Oak0586 says:

I am going to be doing all the base in my home (not a basement) I will need to do both the base and quarter round. Could I save money buy Buying and using a brad nailer for both instead of using a finish nailer for the base then a Brad nailer for the quarter round? Thank you great video.

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