How to install a Cadet electric baseboard heater | Cadet Heat

Steve and Thomas from Cadet’s Tech Support department show you how to install an electric baseboard heater.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you feel uncomfortable doing this work, or doing the wiring, have a qualified electrician help you.


otterlover95 says:

I have 4 of these Cadet heaters. The smallest 120 volt models. I’ve been using as my only heat source since 2011. LOVE them. No noise. The only thing is to connect them temporarily and let them set outside for about a week to burn off the oil that naturally is on the fins. By setting them outside, that smell dissipates, then you can bring them in and install and use them right away.

Jon Snow says:

Do you need to run a separate wire to the heater from the panel or can you feed off an electrical outlet that’s not being used?

Laurentian Hillbilly says:

2:51, lol, I think you need some new glasses.

E3ECO says:

What about the wiring? I have a heater with two black wires sticking out of it that needs to connect to a black wire and a white wire coming from the wall. Which goes to which?

Jolyon Welsh says:

Good, you are using Square D circuit breakers, the best breakers on the planet.

Ronnie Eglandt says:

I installed baseboard heaters but had to remove the Whole basboard before installing. That tool to cut baseboard Is a good investment thnx.

xXPanzerStalkerXx says:

you’re honestly gonna look somebody in the eye and tell them that’s what level looks like lmao

Boris B. says:

3:07 what a stupid moment, painted ground screw attach ground wire to the painted frame – 0 connections

David Friedman says:

Maybe you curl the wire clockwise as you tighten screws clockwise?

sdfklsdfls says:

Jesus Christ… Where the hell is the wiring part??!?! What’s the point of this damn video

Larry Tate says:

What is an around about price of material needed of this to heat a basement of avg size low ranch? This runs off all electric?

PelenTan says:

The most unhelpful video I’ve seen in a while. A complete waste of time. Whom do I send a bill to?

Connor Nelson says:

can you make a plug in or is there already a plug in cadet?

plsbqwhy8t nthabak says:

not very helpful if you don’t point out which wire is the positive. The other cadet video is the same.

Ck KO says:

How much does the baseboard heater costs

Konstantinoff74 says:

This was very helpful, thanks

Jean-Claude Alary says:

can we install 2 baseboard heather on the same circuit

Jeff Ginther says:

That didn’t help me at all lol

Stephen Smith says:

why in none of these videos do they actually show you how to wire it why I understand how to install it to the wall but never how to correctly wire it which renders it pointless

Stan Skaggs says:

I am wanting to add a 30″ one of these in my bathroom, which has tile floor. Are these safe in a wet environment? I do not expect a torrent of water, but I can expect mist in the form of steam or high humidity. My plan is to put these maybe 1/2″ above the floor and turn on/off with a wall switch (no thermostat or maybe one on a wall mount on the switch panel).
I am wondering your thoughts or recomendations?

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