How to Cut Baseboards Fast: Making the Corner Inserts Mryoucandoityourself

When you rush you must know how to cut baseboards fast. It will save tonnes of your working time. Making lots of corner inserts I had learned how to cut baseboards fast and easy.
– Dewalt Miter Saw –
– Pin Nailer 23-Gauge –
– Compressor –
– Compressor hose –
Canon T5i –

Favorite tools:
– Miter Saw Stand –
– Dewalt Table Saw –
– Milescraft FeatherBoard –
– Router Table –
– Dewalt Miter Saw Crown Stops –
– Dewalt 18 Ga nail gun –
– Dewalt 16 Ga nail gun –
– Dewalt circular saw –
– Ridgid Vacuum –
– Festool 36 Auto Clean Vacuum –
– Makita Jig Saw –
– Makita Cordless Tool Kit –
– Laminate cutter –
– Rubber Mallet –
– Rockwell Versacut Saw –
– Fein Multimaster –
– Undercut Saw –
– Angle Grinder –
– Sliding T-Bevel –
– Hot Glue Gun –
– Adhesive Gun –
– Construction Adhesive –
– Wood Glue –
– Tongue and Groove Glue –
– Heavy-Duty Utility Knife –
– Duct Tape –
– Scotch Masking Tape –
– Clamp –
– Water Based Spray –
– Bostik Best flooring glue –
– Waxed Paper Underlayment –
– Laminate Flooring –
– Flooring Underlayment –

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MrYoucandoityourself says:

Put two pieces of baseboard at the angle (making 90 degree with them) and you’ll find two points for your small piece inside.

Seth Goodman says:

ps to where to put the pencil mark, lock the blade down after cutting a corner at 5/8 on the back end, press against the blade with the Corner and mark it. as a trim carpenter this is the slow way of cutting corners. Cutting it flat is much more efficient.

Andres Castaneda says:

Quick question – What does the pencil mark on the mitter saw measure? Thanks for the great videos!

Josh Jackson says:

Dont forget people that this is being done on carpet. If it were hard wood or tile it will be a little trickier to keep the baseboard flush to the floor while maintaining those pre cut angles. No hate, just adding some facts.

Stenchx says:

What degree are you cutting at?

lamato62 says:

This has the potential of being a great post but need more info….WE how do you know where to put pencil mark? How do you do an inside corner?

too2buzy1 says:

Love this solution for bullnose corners! However, I think you’ve gotten more dislikes than likes because you did not tell how you figured where to put your pencil mark. Two different people asked that question below and you must have missed it because you didn’t answer. Can you answer that question please? If it’s not a standard, then can you explain how to figure it? Thank you.

Robert Meyer says:

Hey! Great tip using the pencil mark on your base plate. Just a quick question though, How do you measure the length for the small piece for the bull nosing? I’ve heard from a few people that they roughly measure out at 3/4″ but I still find that I’m having trouble with these portions of baseboard. Great videos by the way! Any thoughts?

N Holt says:

I didn’t learn anything. It’s just a guy using a fancy saw.

ikust007 says:

Great vidéos ! Thank you

Paul E says:

Just wanted to thank you for posting this.  I had done baseboard in the past but never for walls with rounded corners, which I have now.  You saved me a lot of wasted materials!

MrYoucandoityourself says:

Thank you for watching!

Jukka Muhonen says:

1:50 is the point where i start cursing because i cant fit those.

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