How to Cut Baseboard Returns – End Baseboard








Mark Bolton says:

“They tell me what they want and I do it”. Priceless. No education from “a master”.. just get the money.

Tim Price says:

This video was exactly what I was looking for thanks man killer help

westside98 says:

WOW no guard on the saw WTF

American Patriot says:

Great work brother/love your videos. Always tight joints….

Andy Lanning says:

Did you film this in McKinney? Looks a lot like the street my brother lives on.

DdDten says:

Rigid and dewalt saw haha. I love you videos man I learn a lot

bob johnston says:

Ahh no only drop the bloody molded piece leave all plan 4″.mitre mold then turn backwards cut the rest not to damage the flat

David Daboin says:

Next time try and rip the top profile of the base then attach it to the end of the base with a profile miter going down, it looks more clean and meticulous without that long miter, by the way I’m not watching and anybody in here should be watching your video until you reattach that saw guard back, I have almost 20 years of experience in the trade and trust me that’s just looking for trouble, I could understand if it was the table saw

Kevin Byrne says:

I enjoy your videos and have learned much. Keep up the good work

CameronSharpPottery says:

Put the guard back on your chopsaw my friend! It’s there for a reason. I had an accident when I was a newbie 20 years ago because my boss took his guard off. If he had it on there my finger would still be ok. Also, let the blade stop before you lift it back up. Safer and leaves a cleaner cut.

11joeg says:

lov it!

David Heizer says:

Love this video great tip thanks for sharing lot of people won’t do it thanks again

Micah Watson says:

I’m a fellow carpenter….love your videos and have learned a few new tricks. I like workin with guys like you that are chill, but like to perform high quality work. Anyway, I like to use option #3, which is similar to your #2. You cut a 22 1/2* angle on the end of the base, then you cut a 22 1/2* on one side of the return piece and 45* on the other. It looks similar, but less abrupt than option #2. My customers always choose it over the others. Try it and let me know what you think.

Gino Guerrero says:


carpenter33 says:

if my miter saw had no guard I’d surely have lost everyone of my fingers.

Matt TOTH says:

OMG safety first ?

Matt Vredenburg says:

Great instructional. Thanks for sharing!

Matt TOTH says:

good video tho

Mark McGarrey says:

From Philly. That DFW isn’t spelled out on the shirt is it? Great Vids.

fred dede says:

great video

Luke Stevens says:

Nice video! Lovin’ that DeWalt Ridgid Saw…Lol

Brian says:

Hey Richard, I wanted to say that I really enjoy your videos and also wanted to encourage you to continue posting more. The how-to’s are awesome, but I also just love seeing your work. One suggestion would be to do a quick 5-10minute video at the end of your day’s work just to show us what you were up. I think that would be awesome in addition to your great how-to vids. I find myself checking your channel often and wishing there were more videos to enjoy. Keep up the fantastic work and all the best from Canada!

Viral Clown says:

Came to read all the comments about the missing saw guard

paul lowe says:

Well done sir,very precise and well spoken. That last part of my comment you would think would be a given. But that’s not always the case. Great camera work also.

CameronSharpPottery says:

Another coo way is to eliminate the long miter joint on the flat by only returning the curve part that was traditionally a base cap. This keeps the flat all the way. Looks almost identical without that big diagonal seam across the flat. Glad to see in later video that you put your guard back on the saw.

moe Htown says:

Nice good job God bless

Brad Lee says:

Even though I am an old carpenter I still learn stuff from you. like the glue video for instance. Maybe you have already made a video on setting up your miter saw to cut true I don’t know. But I have seen alot of folks that buy a saw and start trying to cut without adjusting there saw first. To do the returns you show here the saw needs to be dead on. Just saying. Keep up the good work.

Scott Thomson says:

Great tip. Can you tell me the max height you can cut base board at a 45 mitre cut to the right?
I bought the 717 xps and it will only mitre 350mm when when doing right 45 mitre cuts
Anything higher hits the wheel mech.

Ian Cunningham says:

Put your mask on man. Medium
Density cancer board. Careful

Rick's Torino says:

Great videos keep them coming,thanx!

F Vids says:

I agree no guard very bad idea. Just FYI anytime you cut finish face away you risk it splintering. On paint grade it’s easier to fix stain grade not so much. Thanks for the vids. I never saw anyone return a baseboard by cutting it long 45 diagonally. (Picture framed). Is this something done on the east or west coast?

bdyt says:

I do option 2. I wouldn’t want to see that 45 degree joint.

Jerry Riggan says:

Don’t worry about the guard and the critics. I don’t use a guard on a skill saw either.I learned quickly if you set the saw down and the guard stays up it will spin around right over your foot. It’s like a loaded gun without a safety, use your head and you won’t get hurt.

Hector martin del campo says:

Saludos desde mexico muy buenos videos grasias broo

Negan says:

Can all the safety Nazis shut the Fuck up about the guard please, are you scrolling YouTube looking for baseboard videos or safety guard videos? People that use this kind of equipment everyday find that some of that shit gets in the way , he’s a grown ass man , fuck Up about the Fucking guard bunch of pussy fruit loops

David W. McQuarrie says:

Thanks, that was very helpful.

frank rodriguez says:

Do you have an article or video on measuring, marking and cutting baseboards or trim? I find that to be my biggest struggle.

James Edwards says:

i just do it the second way it seems to work with shoe better

Istvan Szentmiklosi says:

Thank You FOR ALL!!!

Sid Meloche says:

i would like to see a return done over a window casing. i need this lol. ive done it before error and trial.

Christian Peters says:

I’m installing baseboards in my house that are just standard 1×6 mdf, without a profile. I have a staircase end as well, would you do anything like a 45 degree at the end or just leave it flat and paint the end?

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