How to create flush baseboards with drywall reveal bead

In this video I’m going to show you how to install some tTrim-Tex architectual reveal bead and Trim-Tex Super Seal L Tearaway Gasket Bead to create a beautiful modern trim look where your baseboards are flush with the wall. The reveal bead creates a distinct Line at the base level. Please comment and subscribe to my channel to keep up with all of my drywall, texturing and painting videos

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sharon gruber says:

You can get the same look with Fry Reglet DRMZ and wood trim with less effort and a more durable base.

Mud Slingr says:

Great demonstration Paul ! I love reveal bead. It’s a real nice look.

Robert B says:

Why invent a way to make it so much more difficult? A lot of work with that reveal bead that would go totally unappreciated by 99.999% of the population. Nice level 5 drywall and spray paint done right along with decent base molding and shazam.

Jack Hartman says:

I love this look, so clean! Thanks for sharing Paul!

jimmy Page says:

Haha a painter trying to mud.

Erick Briggz says:

This looks like a tidieous process but the end result looks amazing. Beautiful view too

Eye Dece says:

Paul , why could you not leave the rope in until all the mudding is done. I am not a pro so need all the help I can get to keep things clean and tidy.

jimmy Page says:

We used this we used that we did this and then that. You made a 10 minute video, a little explanation would have been great. Thumbs down!

John Pusca says:

it would be almost impossible to believe that you’re actually doing this “mesh tape and rope” to the entire house after the camera is not rolling

Tamir Oshri says:

nice job, what thick of hardie cement board did you use ? the 1/2″ ?
if my dry wall is 5/8 what you recommend ?

Eg says:

A very cumbersom and expensive way to make something which look cheaper than traditional framing

Christopher Castellanos says:

Good job but God why do people still get orange peel texture. Smooth looks a million times better.

How I made says:

bad ass modern look. love the patience approach to this master piece.

T Spiegel says:

Nice work man looks great

cwrowe says:

What is your opinion on using a 45 minute set for second coat?

binnsh says:

L bead with gasket, new to me. Job looks great, kinda fussy getting there.

Frank Nemdharie says:

I’ll stick with traditional molding

Maynard says:

In the finished product what is the price difference between the so called flush baseboards & traditional baseboard installation ?

homes24 says:

Such a nice european inspired design with the reveal, the doors, door handles, switches and orange peel. The only thing I would of added is recessed crown molding with some LED lighting

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