How To Cope And Install Baseboard Trim Video

Dewalt Miter Saws

Visit my websire for more how-to tips. I show how to cope an inside 90 degree corner and install baseboard trim.


Norman Hudecz says:

Are their two pieces of wood being cut on video? Thanks.

Lord Shin says:

love that tip with the sticky sandpaper on the scrap piece. priceless advice! this is my 5th video and you are the only one to offer that tip!

Richard Cowtails says:


asexieru says:

Dude you are a genius!

krobak47 says:

Fantastic video! Thank you!

Budd Hudd says:

Has to be best vid on YT

Tom Krueger says:

I like the sanding block tip he used rather than free hand.

Jim Hill says:

Thanks Roy great tips on doing my base board and coping saw works great thanks again

bin1127 says:

that sandpaper trick really makes it nice and tight.

Kevin McNulty says:

Thanks Roy, helps me with problems I’m having. I agree with Lord Shin and others, the sandpaper idea is great.

Romaine Athey says:

You should go to Woodprix if you’d like to make it yourself guys.

alcarazjudoka says:

Question. Since you can caulk stained wood, how do you covered nail heads, small holes? Thanks for the tips, very helpful

Ron M says:

Very interesting. How do you fill the bottom?

Robert Weber says:

you got my sub for the trick with the sand paper. why work hard when you can work smart!

golyg says:

love the sandpaper trick

Acer P says:

Great job!!

DrDann says:

This is very well done.  Nice contribution.

Kristin Cribbs Dunlap says:

I finally get it! Thanks, Roy!

Rob Pratten says:

Hey Roy, this is the simplest coping method I’ve seen in my searches. I’ve been coping like a madman all morning! Thanks for the solid tips.

xAriGoldx says:

Great video

Craig Swoverland says:

Nice work

Cam B says:

is the nailed board coped as well?

Denis G Ndung'u says:

very helpful,please post more how to videos.

Renee Rowe says:

Using the miter to cut the straight section is a fantastic tip! Sandpaper on scrap is also excellent.

KyHighlander59 says:

Thanks for this video, I am rehabbing a 70’s house for resale and this will save me a good portion of cash on a finish carpenter. Those guys try to make a week’s pay in one day around here.

Brad Anderson says:

Roy… the sand paper tip is great!!! Thanks!

Ian Baldwin says:

Damn. Nice.

2skullscrushing says:

also, on the top cope cut, I was taught to leave the little point on the top of the profile, especially on oak, its tough, and will break off most times, but it does make a tighter corner.

JoshVan says:

Colour matched putty pencil

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