How did I Live without this Tool?

This tool is such a time saver!







GoFuck Yourself says:

what ……he calls him self a pro and swears by that handyman shit tool? If you cant do molding or anything around a radius you need to find a new job. For what he is doing you make your mark at the start of the turn……so fucking easy.

H B says:

Man you are the trim master. I know it takes years to learn but, you make it look easy.

SuperRudeDog says:

He is great dude I subbed…

Mike Woz says:

22 dollars plus shipping? Any finishing carpenter worth his salt could make a similar jig with scrap for free!

Alex Zander says:

I got 2 tips for you.
1.Build a handheld bullnose jig 2”,5/8” & 2” with the 2 outsiders cut 2” from the top, and the center bullnose chingaderra (center corner bullnose) left high and untouched. Next cut angles at (24),(22.5,22.5),(24). This helps keep it all tight when a lot of corners are 88 instead of 90. Also cut the top half of your bullnose angles at 45 rather than 22.5.
2. Now go buy a $60. Bostich Laser tape and put the butt of the laser against 45s of the jig and shoot the wall. Boom done.
3. Now see if you can measure a 3000 sq footer in under 10 minutes using a laser tape for 95% of dimensions.

Lone Star says:

I would have liked to have seen the parts in between, where you set your compound miter, and actually made the cuts.I’m a novice and always screw up on the cuts.

dave hygaard says:

Do you have any suggestions on your favorite tool belt for trim carpentry?

Bono says:

And any clown can make ANY of the gadgets u are trying to peddle to make $$$ in 2mins!! Why don’t you do a diy video on how to make them ????and stop robbing innocent homeowners out of their hard earned!

Sicario Desviado says:

Or you could have simply fashioned your own gauge like many of us have

Constuctive Critisism says:

What did this actually explain?

girlmastergeneral says:


ACAB Media says:

I love your videos! I ran out today after watching your video on the Starrett mitre gauge and bought it … Now I see what you were orgasmic about!! The thing is awesome! Yesterday I would hire someone else to do my trim work, as of tomorrow I’m only doing trim work from now on! LOL !!!
As for this bullnose jig … I just don’t get it … Why wouldn’t just measuring the same gap that that jig has on a framing square not work almost as quickly?

Cesar Garcia says:

I might have to buy some of those, I’ve always made my own , pretty much the same concept , but I always had to make one for every job cause a could never save them in one piece

Frank says:

Don’t need it. Just makes a template and save yourself the 14 bucks on a piece of plastic…

lynn henkel says:

Great tip , I just made my own in my shop. Awesome common sense idea. Great videos as well !

careforyou says:

always like your video’s and consider you very talented . Some constructive criticism though – if you have tobacco in your mouth get rid of it during videos

ortofoncape says:

Cope the insides sir

Jackie Remis says:

Wow. I’m just learning and you rock. thanks

Peter Khvann says:

$12.99 at rockler woodworking superstore

Bono says:

It’s a miracle how many people buy into your bullshit and how long it takes you to do one project! Way to milk the system’re making all of us look bad! The shit you do that takes you a week, we could do in a day with better results! And let’s not forget, when you first started this YouTube channel, u didn’t have a guard on your saw,no safety you spew out all this shit literally just to save your own ass. I am a MASTER CARPENTER and I disagree with almost everything that you do!

GoFuck Yourself says:

measure to the start of the round…..its not that hard. Im a tile setter and do this sort of thing a lot. You get 1 shot on tile. Wood you can cheat it.

Anthony Maniz says:

I have a tool Its 22inches my wife loves it

huhhman says:

They aren’t all 5/8″ sorry.

Picasso Americano says:

You don’t need two of those tools to do that trick if your doing a bullnose to bullnose fyi…. Alls you gotta do is use the tool on one side, scribe it, then nail it to the opposite side, hook your tape and measure to the side you scribe… Also real to easy make a lil tool with a couple small blocks of wood, a chunk of 2×4 with a 1″1/8 x 3.5″ piece of plywood screwed to the end of it to wrap the corner and scribe it. You can also set a compound square to 5/8″ and use that… pretty need lil tool tho, I’m gunna buy one!

Steven White says:

they sell it in stock at Rockler woodworking for only $13 fyi

James Gregory says:

Why don’t you cope your inside corners on crown and base

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