Coping MDF Baseboard

Coping medium density cancer board.







zzzinsomniaczzz says:

Headphones with music is not hearing protection! That’s just even more sound waves killing your hearing! Please use proper protection!

Studhawk says:

Sorry to point this out but cutting back a coped mitre at 45 degrees weakens the face of the coped cut. It should have been a straight cut so that you don’t leave a void behind the face of the reverse mitred coped cut. Why not cut the coped cut straight???????? Watch this on Studhawk channel on you tube How to and fix architraves and skirtings.

adam ali says:

Tried this after giving the tracing method a go. And this is brilliant way of doing the corners by far quicker and easier. Thanks for the video.

James Barek says:

just started watching today.; I like the way that you take your time , think EVERYTHING out. And use proper tools for each job your doing. Iv been doing finish work for 5 years and im learning cool shit from you. Every ol’ timer has there way of doing things.m You have as fresh, young approach to the same work I do.

Rei Conn says:

Thank you so, so much. I have had major frustration when I have measured exactly and am still left with a gap, then mitering in increments. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. I am striving for near perfect niters.

I did it says:

wow coping is sexy….love those sexy lines…woot woot.

Will Clark says:

Use a jig saw with a small finish blade to finish off the cope much faster just as accurate just need to be good with a jigsaw.

Michels Woodworking says:

I understand how coping baseboard solves the problem of walls not always being 45 degrees to each other. However, say you run one piece of base all the way to the wall and the next price will be coped. If the wall is not at 45 degrees to the floor where you ran your first piece of base, causing the face of the base to be installed out of plum, it will either leave a gap at the bottom or top of the joint or the bottom. Most likely the top as there always seems to be extra drywall mud or other stuff in the corners. Is this a problem you’ve encountered and if so how do you fix it?

He Ka says:

If you want a super duper finish.. buy some Liquid Abrasive and coat a scrap piece of the molding to create a makeshift file exactly the shape you want to remove…

James cooper says:

Mike M.. I refinished thousands of square feet of lead painted wood floors, ( Boston apartment rentals) and 1000s of square feet of urethane. Don’t do that shit anymore but often wonder if I will pay a price. Dust mask don’t do shit, especially when your in a closet edging the shit grinding off 6 layers of lead paint with 3.5 grit sand paper… good luck to you. and thank 4 the video..always learning good stuff from you

Markus Gomez says:

I love your videos man very informative! Subscribed!

silversurfer49 says:

A good video that could have been great if not for your cameraman. You were finished coping by the time he/she got into position and focus.

TomKaren94 says:

I would never take the time to cope MDF. It’s being painted anyway so miter it, slam it in and caulk it. Now, when you’re working with QSWO, you cope for sure.

Jaime Navarro says:

I like ur coping vids brother. And thanks for the info on the cancer thing! I never about that but then again I don’t do this type of work enough. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none. Most of my work is volunteer. But vids like urs help out a lot! I remember the first time I did crown molding!! I pretty much wasted a whole board trying to figure out the coping method! Lol! I didn’t understand the angle to use and crown molding is cut upside down. For those who work on this type of stuff I’m sure it’s as easy as tying your shoes with your eyes closed. At any rate, thank for the great info!

And by the way, why didn’t u use the sticky sand paper? I tried that on my last project and man, was I satisfied! They thought I wz a genius! But of course I could take the credit and contributed it to watching one of your videos!

Keith Scalley says:

Do you have to cope inside corners?

Mark von Schober says:

Jigsaw is 10 times faster to cope than the coping saw

Adam Lynch says:

Headphones with music to protect you ears. Whilst it may reduce the excessive noise from the saw is it actually doing more damage to your ears longer term?

Michael Hamlyn says:

I have a question about how you decide on which piece to cope. I understand in this video you coped the small piece. when I was shown how to cope by my mentor he was always trying to hide the seam as people would look as they entered the room. So for example he would have coped the longer piece of base in your video so you wouldn’t look into to joint seam. Is this something you pay attention to regularly or in your experience have you found that kind of attention to detail a bit extreme. Love your videos man! And I love finish carpentry

Beer lover says:

EVERYTHING in California causes cancer…

2late 4most says:

Wish Texas cared more about their citizens than the MDF makers, and a lot of other polluting industries within Texas, deregulation is just another way of saying..,who cares.

Mike M says:

Good point on cancer! I’ve been a carpenter for 40 years, 5 years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I live in the Seattle area and the best doctors here told me I had 2.5 years to live. I got a stem cell transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn to extend my life for another 10 years. Who knew breathing all that fine dust could cause cancer?

Here’s a little article I found on breathing formaldehyde. I, like everybody else, though I was tougher than anybody on the job site.

National Cancer Institute published an updated report on its ongoing study of industrial workers with high formaldehyde exposure. The findings indicate a possible link between high formaldehyde exposure and increased risk of cancers of the blood and lymphatic system, most notably Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and myeloid leukemia.

It does happen. Be safe out there everybody!!

Panchito Montero says:

Can you do the same for an outside corner?

Anterior Pelvic Tilt says:

Do any of your customers consider that they’re going to be living in a closed environment surrounded by material so toxic that the carpenters have to wear masks while working with it? Besides that it damages way too easily for me, hate working with it.

Marion Ake says:

I’m a caulking expert but I love what you do.

stan hankins says:

smoking causes cancer. My mom has smoked 5 packs a day for 60 years and I keep telling her that if she keeps it up it is gonna get her.

Simply TrueYou says:

Thank you, you just helped me out a lot. I am going to use my coping saw, but I may try using the scroll saw too to see if I can get the same results. I don’t like MDF either.

Mike C says:

Great video and tips. Thanks

gmrrnracr says:

I’m not very experienced nor a carpenter but I do have a tip from personal experience I would like to share on coping. Using a DREMEL tool with a 60 grit or lower drum sanding attachment you can touch those edges of trim faster, easier and closer than the file. WEAR YOUR RESPIRATOR when doing this due to high airborne mdf dust!

Anthony Harper says:

Jigsaw with a scrolling blade.. can scribe the board and do the profile with one, fast tool

Muhammad Waseem says:

A stupid idea,45+45 right left is better then these act

Rainface Atriarch says:

Good job with the Formaldehyde psa. GJ bro.

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