Bullnose Baseboard Corner Explained



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I’ve gotten several questions about this bullnose baseboard corner. In this video I explain the basics of how to arrive at the degrees that you need to cut for wrapping around the rounded drywall corner.



jujurock64 says:

looks great

Matthew Webb says:

nice job. really liking your channel these days. true pro

Charles Youngblood says:

I love the no bull just get to the point and show what you need to… GREAT Job… OH! on the video and the woodwork…

Edwin Perez says:

Great work on both the Fort building and the Hybrid Wainscoting; Major home upgrade right here, Two thumbs up ^^

Liam M says:

Richard, I been watching your videos for a few weeks and learning a lot . I do have an interesting problem I like to send some photos to you and get your advice on. You might be able to do a tutorial video on it. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks.

Weaponized Memes says:

your voice is so soothing….

Rachelle Flores says:

Can you do a video on how to cut does 22.5 plywood for the wainscoting . I’m curious on how you do it?

Ashley Mcmurray says:

First like, first view. I love DFW crown!

Colorado Boo says:

Very professional workmanship…thanks for the youtube channel to help out us mere handymen! (Handyfolks!)

binnsh says:

That is a sweet job. Pro Classic is nice stuff.

Fillow Tree says:

Great videos. If you have a shop can you do a tour along with what you carry in your truck to every job?

Rick Anderson says:


kastbarg says:

One thing I haven’t seen discussed is how to deal with an uneven ceiling when installing crown. Especially if the crown is finished wood like in a kitchen. I’d like to see how you close up gaps against the ceiling in that case.

Jorge Feliciano says:

Is there anyway I can contact you ?

Pedroantihills says:

CHECK this video man this guy make a tutorial about how to makeBullnose Baseboard Corner LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDO8D4h4Bl8

Kabashu says:

Been following you guys since day one, awesome!  My question is… How do you deal with the routed edges on MDF?  Anything you put on them turns them rough and require tons of sanding to get them smooth and paint ready.

FiveofNine says:

If anyone was wondering how to measure it. Put your square on the outside of the corner. Pull your measurement to the square. Subtract 1/2 inch

SP Bygga says:

I would like a job where I could do some cool panelling like that. Looks so good.

D&D Home Remodel says:


Octavio Munguia says:

Beautiful work.

Matt V says:

How do you hide the seam between the 1/4 inch MDF and the 3/4 inch MDF at the end of a run? Wouldn’t it be hard to hide the seam along the entire length of the panel? Do you put some sort of trim there like you do along the top with the PM. Hope my question makes sense. Love your vids, keep them coming. You are gonna blow up!!

John Hodge says:

yes your the best! keep showings

Ronnie Sepulveda says:

Hey Richard could you explain how you to wrap the mdf around that bullnose. Did you divide the cuts by 4 like the molding?

Gazooo29 says:

Hi, A few months back I was asking about maybe doing a video for tips/tricks for crown moulding. I know you said you were working on something but haven’t seen anything just yet.

I understand you have a business and it takes time to make these video’s

I’ve asked on the DIY forums and haven’t gotten much help, So I was wondering could you maybe help on here please.

1,Should I install a nailing strip behind the crown so I don’t have to worry about hitting joists or having the crown sag. The moulding is about $24.00 for a 17ft length. So I would rather spend the extra time then ripping everything off.

2,What size nails? 16G or 18G I have both guns available & what size nails too 2″ or 2-1/2

thank you and keep up the cool videos

efman2k3 says:

Excellent work! Looks phenomenal! Thanks for posting!

Brion Reilly says:

Looks fantastic, awesome design and execution, great work!

james37603 says:

Really nice work .
Like the way you masked of to prevent overspray also.
-I also trying to figure out how to size up the panel’s. On the wall with the center window you put what looked to be 2 longer but shorter panels under the window then framed window with 2 panels. Are the panel’s on the side the same size as panels on staircase or adjacent walls?
Is it just to keep it symmetrical?

-Did you up the window trim molding to something better than standard builders grade molding?
Thank you

TheDamnSpot says:

Good to see people happy to take on the challenge. Personally I’m all bull nosed out for the month. Had a house that needs bull nose crown, base and custom beam/tray ceilings with a bunch of doo-dads and farkles. Lots of sanding and the use of the finishing hammer to ‘adjust’ walls that were never meant to hold stuff that needs to be accurate to 1/32nds of an inch. Only consolation is the pay 😛

Wayne Gilbert says:

I know this was a progress update, but when you do your trim work how to videos could you put some info as to what materials you are using for the job in the description. A lot of times I’m curious just as to what materials you are using for your trim work such as what type of board, chair rail, crown, etc that you’re using.

XFBO says:

First, dude I love your video’s!!! Keep’em coming!!!

Second, I hope it’s ok to ask a random question about baseboard installations????

I have two different style baseboards in my hallway/living room (original from 1950) and my updated kitchen….I plan on installing bamboo laminate in the hallway so I plan to update the bb but not sure how to merge it with the old??? Suggestions???

Josar Gor says:

you get to do all the fun projects. where i live people always skimp on carpentry so i don’t get to do all these stuff. and i’ve worked in some high end projects

respirologyrc says:

How much time does it take to set up the plastic over spray sheets, and what brand is it?

Also; you did a video explaining the hybrid stair wainscoting; did the stairs have a stringer? How did you build on it?

Randy Parker says:

Just hanging the plastic is a job in itself

Hey, Gilligan!! says:

This has to be one of the nicest wainscoting designs I have ever seen.  Love the bullnose corners, what a difference that makes to the overall look.  Great work as usual.

Eric Watson says:

just wanted to say that you guys do first class work and videos. love all the tips and tricks. Your all a class act. Keep up the good work…!!! shout out from central Kansas……

Woodworking with Andy says:

Painting Questions: 1) Do you use a fine finish airless tip (310/510) to paint 2) Do you pull off/replace the tape/ paper in between primer and final coats?

james smail says:

How did you make the raised panels in the wainscot?

Painter josh says:

awsum work

Robert says:

When I move to TX next year, I’m calling you, Bro.

Naui 2 says:

How do you determine the size of each panel? All walls are different lengths.

walter petersen says:

With the hybrid wainscoting on the stairs how many pieces of mdf did it take to make the framing (top,bottom)? Curious if there was seams. Also do you have a video on how you would cut the bottom frame board to fit the stair treads?

Flores 828 says:

is that a 395 graco sprayer ?

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