Baseboard Trick – SIMPLE Installation Around Obstacles

Instructional video installing baseboards around electrical outlets. This method would also work with other obstacles that you may encounter on a job site. Thanks for watching!







Shaun Lowe says:

It looks good really. But why not just raise them to standard height? I know u no how, cause I’ve seen u do it. I know it’s more work. Especially if there’s a lot of em. But it’s also more money, right?

mmmlllzzz100 says:

wouldnt it be quicker (and look a whole lot better) to just lift up the outlet, patch the hole then cover it with base board.
You probably added so many more hours to the job doing it they way you have.

Carp Notes says:

Great tip once again. Loved the surgery analogy.

Jeff Young says:

Wow very impressive. Loved it, looks great.

Terry Jull says:

Keep parchment paper in your truck. It’s great for putting under the work piece when doing glue ups with CA glue. It doesn’t stick to the glue!

Shawn Fox says:

This idea is awesome,. I will never notch air return or power plug ever again

jason kim says:

Is milwaukee table saw better than dewalt table saw? What’s your experience?

Kroban3 says:


luis saucedo says:


sadaqat khan says:

Nice…thanks for sharing!

Brian says:

Wow what a lot of work to do 51 times! Just curious how would you quote that type of base as opposed to standard base where you don’t have to deal with the outlets? Do you charge a flat amount extra per outlet?

zero says:

I have zero need to do base moulding or whatever the hell you are doing. but this video was so lit at midnight!. props to you master carpenter, i love all that you did for lord of the rings!

Huntn&fishn says:

Awesome vid. I’m installing baseboards in my kitchen and I have one outlet that is low and didn’t know what to do there . Thank you

Pablo Peralta says:

Hello Richard, what saw blade do you use on your miter for sharp cuts?


Mikecard Yeah says:

Easier to move the plug.

MARTIN A1 says:

Nice but I would move the outlet up and run the baseboard through.

Marc Lastname says:

YouTube sucks I’m not getting any of your alerts anymore. Very random. Good video though

marizen2 says:

Great video! I need to do this around a bathroom light switch. Thanks for sharing!

Bucko says:

*Turn down for h’wat*

Hector martin del campo says:

Saludos desde mexico,grasias por compartir tu sabiduria lo apresio mucho muy buenos videos siempre aprendo algo nievo con sus videos muchas grasias broo

Paul Tomlin says:

Wow! I admire your ingenuity and YOUR PATIENCE!!! Great work Richard!

Easy to tips and tricks etc etc says:

Hey bro I appreciate you getting back to me I know it’s staying on top of our channels can get overwhelming I haven’t even reached my 1/2 yet but I’m close and it’s what system do you use and how often do you actually comment back? Look forward to hearing from you God bless Ken
PS I work on custom staircases and trimming around that outlet is Top-Notch, Bro

N P says:

Just put the baseboard over the bottom socket and have John tell the homeowner they can now only use the top one. Time saver.

Dan Berube says:

Another great video. Such a clean look and an equally common sense approach to your solution! Well done. Love the videos!!!

Jim Shaw says:

Great to see some Teaching video’s again 🙂

spence spencer says:

How do u like the new saw sir? I been contemplating buying one. But the price its not cheap!

drumrboynoid says:

Thanks for the great video and trick. If you were to push the two pieces together and spray some of the glue that squeezes out the back with the kicker, I believe that would also work. I use that for my rc planes and all I’ve gotta do is just give a glue seem a couple puffs of cicker, and it starts a chemical reaction that wicks it’s way into the seems. Then the remaining glue dries a bit later.

Guy Cleveland says:

Brilliant and beautiful. Thx for the lesson

Miguel Cano Gutiérrez says:

What an accuracy dude!

JAMDYAC Super heat says:

Nice work

Therealphantomzero says:

Using Dewalt miter does the Milwaukee miter not have enough capacity?

Brandon Dierwechter says:

Please tell me you erase those pencil marks before you nail on the trim

J.T. HOUSTON says:

I love the 3D appearance of those miters.

Bob Edwards says:

Hey can you do a video on your dust collection system?

Amilcar Duglas Benites says:

Exelente corte suerte.

Joe Framer says:

Either raise the outlets or use 1×8 or 1×10 with base cap the outlet would be centered in the baseboard , a much cleaner look then that hack job…..pros walk away from a job that will not be done right, handymen do that and say it looks good…
Should have sold the customer on doing the right thing to make the job look professional…or walk away….dont do a crap job just to underbid someone..your better then that I thought.

mr.clean says:

Oh my goodness. I did this same thing around some vents. The customer loved it but it took me forever to figure it out.

Orlando Almonte says:

Beautiful! I will use this technique around my air return vents. Thanks Richard

Zack Fishle says:

You need to add some stickers and shirts to your page.

Oswaldo Rabanal says:

That must have been one expensive job

Jim Rr says:

Very clever!

Robert Sand says:

Very nice work. Looks great

like a rock says:

Looks so much better !!!!! I suspect that little detail will get you a lot more work.

Chris Cantu says:

wow, that’s awesome, lots of work too

Ginger Kynion says:

Amazing! I love watching your videos!

Gary D. Wright says:

That is an awesome job!

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