Baseboard Transition TRICK – EASY TRIM CARPENTRY

Here’s another way to go around obstacles that get in the way of your baseboards. This is more subtle than using 45 degree miters and could be more appealing to some people.








Olifer Yanez says:

Man your work is just pristine!
Don’t waste your time talking about that people!

Aden City says:

I liked the 45 degree

Peter Amond says:

You really are a top man

djm93 says:

how did you get 22.5

rzl dzl says:

Intro music lit as

Sherman Rodriguez says:

I was surprised to hear her to see that there were people that didn’t like your last video. I appreciate your work and time sir. Impressed anyone would try to please those who just hate. Certainly a better person than I am

Bear hunter says:


JPer says:

What’s this garbage I’m looking at?!?!!

Josh Thomas says:

I’m not really sure why anyone would be hating on you or that damn cool trim trick. I appreciate your help. I got some whole (well, almost whole) house baseboard installation I gotta do, so I’m studying up and your videos are right on point. Thanks.

Brown Suspenders says:

Very Good Stuff.

Cory says:

Have you ever worked with johnsonite rubber millwork base and or wall protection?

casy casy says:

i liked both the 45 and 22.5 id rather have the 22.5 but i would ask the client what they want

mike baker says:

Look up Zip Kicker PT-50. It’s the same accelerator but in an aerosol can. Those pump bottles suck!

WEALRO says:

Nice job man , one suggestion I keep a empy 5gal bucket at saw for scraps so I don’t have to pick up the mess off the ground, good job man

jake johnson says:

When I trim if I run across that I move the fucking outlet up and do a little drywall repair. Looks ten times cleaner. What you did just makes yourself look like green behind the ears.

Daniel Julian says:

Have you posted a video showing how you scribed that to the floor? I’d love to see. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas.

Chris Radley says:

Very cool work…some good tips.

Liquid bend says:

Wow … looks like Texas has all the building going on. California is a ghost town for new development. Once in a while you’ll see new homes going up , but nothing like the scale of Texas. I’ve got a painter friend in Texas and he is always working

Aaron Bonti says:

Hey man love your work! Can you make a video of how you calibrate your saw if it isn’t cutting square ? There’s a bunch online but they all suck

Jim Hope says:

Both looked good to me. It’s just a question of taste(as the dog said when he licked the cat’s arse).

Bob Abooey says:

What crack head installed THAT outlet?

Matty Gill says:

I hope you’re getting paid well my man. Great job Carpenter.

Tyson says:

Do you have a video of how you scribed to the floor?

Ed O'Neill says:

u sir, are a bad muthafucker, wish you were close enough to me to hire you to come trim my house….

Barbi Bimbo says:

or….. do the correct thing, and move the outlet up 4 inches

Jeff Hogge says:

It draws too much attention to an already odd detail. Drop the outlet into the center of the face of the baseboard and patch the drywall. Too many guys get in the mode of trying to show off their chop saw skills. Simple and clean is always better. I’m not sure if it was in this video, but back coping at a 45° is too severe. It leaves the front too thin and prone to getting chipped or crushed. This is a bigger issue with MDF. You only need to back cut a few degrees to ensure the front touches before he back does.

X X says:

This builder and developer and master carpenter liked your first presentation, good work, good job.

Benjamin Lozano says:

Thanks again for another great video. Would really like to see how you scribe out that hump in the floor. Take care.

Glen Korotash says:

I think that the first 45 degree transition looks much better. Nice job.

Rayson Racette says:

Where did you get that pencil?

Seth Walker says:

I don’t even do this type of work, but want to now. Good videos

ron xxx13813 says:

don,t worry about haters man. you got the skills.we all can see that..  its easy to have comments from behind a pc,typing bullshit with one hand, probably the same hand they use to u know what. salut from holland


I think the intention of this video is to give you an option, I did something similar to this around a toilet supply with an escutcheon ring around it I did the 45 degree cut out, looked a lot better than coping around the escutcheon. a plumber would have charged 350-400 to pull toilet raise supply 2 inches and reset toilet so I chose the cheaper option and it looks great. great video thanks. 1st time tuning in but will be watching more.

Dremwolf says:

Are you using MDF baseboards?

zman783 says:

Love the videos! Learned a lot! You r my go to finish carpenter guy on YouTube. Question tho…. just applying what u have taught me. Wouldn’t it be better if the 22.5 cuts were done on a 45 too? Aren’t they technically butt joints cut on a 22.5? Wouldn’t it b better is the Scarf joint was on a 45?

BoxxerCore says:

The US outlets always remind me of a shocked looking marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Great job, it really neat and tidy.

Will Roberson says:

i thought plus and minus was 1/32 im just a framer… correct me if im wrong

AJ Miller says:

First of all, I enjoy your videos. Good pace and good detail without drawing it out too long. Many years ago, I worked on historic preservation projects and some of the older homes had a nice finishing touch to door and window trim by use of “back band”. Basically similar to an outside corner mold but with a little more detail. This finish gives a depth and a very aesthetic appearance to the trim. Have you ever done a project using this technique? I have not viewed all your videos yet, so not sure if you have included this at some time. Thanks again,,,keep the skill alive!

lady kenja says:

– Another very nice angle cut job. Dismiss the ‘haters.’ Those folks are likely the ones who do a sloppy job, have no standards or expectations of themselves, thus resenting anyone who does.

Joel Cormier says:

3plus or 5plus, in NH we say 3 and a c-hair!!Lol

G Sauve says:

They both look great. Cant PLEASE them all. Keep u the good work.

texasfossilguy says:

honestly i like the 90 degree one better that has no gap between the outlet and the baseboard but i guess thats peoples opinions.

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