Baseboard Installation on Stairs

Professional Results.


Tim S says:

All that noise , not good for your ears.. Ear plugs are the best. Protect your ears Save on the expense and aggravation of hearing aids in your retirement.

keli jones says:

The multi tool is dull that’s why it was smooking

carlos espinal says:

Wouldnt a skirtboard look way better?

Cooper Dog says:

Thank you for the video

jlei8aX says:

nice work, but looks out of place to me, well as long as you like it.. its fine

Brian 716 says:

those have to be the most expensive blades based on initial cost + minimal time they last

neil anblomee says:

if you grind past the hardened steel in the blade when it gets dull. the blade can be easly shapened with a saw file and you end up saving a ton of money on blades and you done have to breathe in as much smoke

Edwin Hernandez says:

I glue all my mitre joints always everywhere.

Sean McAleavy says:

Dovetail saw for those cuts. Quicker, cleaner, smokeless.

Scrimjaw says:

I would have cut the skirting to fit the stairs. Not the stairs to the skirting. Now in the future if for whatever reason they want to change that skirting or remove it completely theres going to be massive chunks taken of their steps.

Yukon Cornelious says:

The work was a lot better than the video production on this one. Otherwise, you did great.

Business Solutions says:

Why not use a jigsaw?

mike bonea says:

Somebody doesn’t know how to do math and install a skirt board. This is wrong

Boss302 Stang says:

Who the hell puts base on stairs?

chirps19 says:

Hey dfw crown are you fastening into wood or just drywall?

Jeremy cski says:

brilliant! Just notch things out so that you can keep cutting simple 45 degree cuts on the new baseboard

Scott Archer says:

Damn dude you had me cracking up burning that blade through the stairs. Only because I’ve done it a ton of times myself! Those blades are expensive as hell. I get all the mileage out of them I can.

Noe Castillo says:

You have a bad blade buy a new one

SuperEddietv says:

Those blades are good for like 3 cuts….lol.

Paul Freeman says:

wow!! this guy is a hack with a capital H

Paul Cartwright says:

i think i would have notched the trim .

Night Wolf says:

I know this video is old, but why wouldn’t you prime and paint your mouldings before this install? Doing the cuts around those French cuff nosings is a bitch. Also, why did you not install a stringer/skirtboard instead?

Craig Sater says:

well done. but if I’m honest if never liked the look of base going up Stairs that way

Hum Rod says:

Holy smokes batman! Safety first, I”m guessing you had a fire extinguisher nearby and handy?

conantdog says:

No glue ?

Vance Countryman says:

Do you use CA glue for door casing corners?

RangerCaptain11A says:

i have a set of stairs to cover in laminate or engineered flooring and white mdf risers. i was debating whether to cut a skirtboard or trim the stairs. after seeing you make all the cuts and eventually spackling, i’m going the skirtboard route, with a trim piece on top. looks good though.

JohnnyBDyer says:

just a quick tip…buy one of those kiddie foam “surfboards” they sell at Walmart and use it for a kneepad….your knees will thank you when your 50

Mike West says:

You should tag this under wood burning too.

smacurface says:

Ffs…..Potato cam

Steve Haupt says:

you know they make those blades with teeth. LOL

Mark Hayes says:

Dude get a dozing or ryoba handsaw (Gyokucho brand). It’ll change the game on those bullnose cuts! (You need a good chisel too).

Melvin Yehnert says:

call the fire dept.!

goombastic17 says:

Get dremel carbide blades

godbluffvdgg says:

Brutal with the oscillating tool…I hope you got new blades before you did the other six…:)

Jason M says:

Just wondering if less would have been better than more in this particular job. Like maybe just use quarter round shoe molding, short individual cuts with returns cut before reaching the bullnose on each step? Anyway, awesome videos, learning a lot by watching them. Thanks!

Felix Degracia says:

I have a situation with only one step and the cutting of the nose was something I did not think of. Great job!! Thank you

Harrish Persad says:

if u are cutting any hard wood it is going to smoke fine tooth blade especially

Farid Mohsini says:

You have dull blade

Ean Tizon says:

Great videos! Would love some tips on how to install baseboards on different floor levels.

james cipriano says:

Wonder why you didn’t use skirt molding .

Carlos Dasilva says:

I don’t like the look that the 45 point isn’t in line with the bull-nose.
I think just some wainscotting to frame those steps would’ve been nicer looking.
Would it have been possible to match the bull-nose with the 45 point?

kookiemoose says:

My favorite tool invented in the past 10 years (aside from a cordless 12” dual bevel miter saw) is the advent of the oscillating saw. The Oscillating saw has proved effective in a many number of useful applications in general carpentry.

Paul Glassbrenner says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who sets off the smoke alarm. Bosch blades are the only ones I seem to get any mileage out of.

whatburnout says:

I fill for you .i have same problem.dam oak just burn up blades

Strube Construction & Design says:

Do you not use wood glue in every single joint?

The Rhins Ranger says:

cut a deeper gullet depth on those blades with a file and set the rake etc to help clear those chips and stop the burning 🙂

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