Ask Tommy | Bisecting Angles

Tom demonstrates some simple ways to bisect an angle when installing trimwork.

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Joex51 says:

remember On piece of trim has to be flipped or cut upside down, or you have to change the saw to the same angle in the other direction

Ruth P says:

I love this for that kind angles but I just tried to do it the opposite angle and had fits with it. It is on a piece of furniture. I finally got it but took a lot of different cuts. You made this way simple and would love to see you do it the other way too! Thank you for your help, love watching you work.

Paul Montero says:


Robert Roe says:

How would i find the angle i need to cut a 2×4 when cutting the angle for a top plate of a wall that attaches to a cathedral ceiling?

Sampath Gunawardena says:

nailed it

Randy Hartmann says:

This is really cool for outside angles!! Is there a similar trick for inside angles?

Travis Wilson says:

Oh, I thought this was about bisecting angels. False advertising! Well, now that I’m here, how do you keep your saw so blood-free?

roxydog 2004 says:

This was on TOH months ago,and of course I taped it ,it’s about time I’m able to  share it thanks TOH as always !

william skrainski says:

Cool trick Silva


Simple. Effective. Beautiful.

Was just about to buy a fancy tool.

A well constructed and acted video.

Thank you.

Melkiades Maton says:

Richard is the best but Tommy is getting close

Charles Damery says:

Grade 7 math.

justin metzler says:

Tom Silva is bad to the bone.

DELTA Fox says:

bravo 🙂

juraci bedelho says:

Very, very good… Tks, Tom!…

QuadroNVS says:

ha … weird watching these guys at 1080p

Doug Funny says:

What about inside corners

Bertrand S. says:

Tom, you are amazing…You just saved me a trip to the store.

Maxid1 says:

Naaaaah, just sign me up for the fancy tool. It looks a lot quicker and I don’t have a laser on my chop saw to line up the cut.

Gary Q says:

This is the best way i have tried….works every time…

pei broker says:

thanks for sharing…

GunsHarleysUSA says:

A very useful tip, thanks Tommy. And by the way what’s that angle tool called?

S Anvil says:

So simple!!!!!!aarrgghhhhhh

pawelgatorade says:

I thought i was good carpenter after I learned how to cut casing angles using shims compensating sticking out walls ,and now this? what else I don’t know? 

Jon amber homestead says:

cool tom

Michael Andrews says:

“…and I do mean a ‘sharp’ pencil!”

Behzad Bahadorifar says:

Tom You are a university ;). I mean it.

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