Wood Ceiling Installation

When you build any home, there are always those projects you hope to get to ‘when the dust settles’. Well, it took 7 years for it to settle in our family room. This is quick video I put together of a wood ceiling treatment used to hide some of the open structural trusses. I didn’t mind leaving it unfinished but I am only one-fourth of the voices in our home.

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Iron Feliks says:

Nice room

R2MyDog says:

How ceative! Thank you so much for sharing. I have the same situation going on in the basement and was looking for a solution like this but could not think of one. Cheers!

Digital Ink Arts says:

 I would have finished the other side with even larger planks like one footers. cool anyway. 

ninjacatmagic says:

Looks great….Love it…..But how do you plan on keeping dust out of that room?……I like the idea of finishing it with drywall, made by mikeasdf……But I would also suggest you put ‘something’ inside your attic on top of the cracks you left between your boards, to keep the dust down…..

Louis Holland says:

nice job a customer just ask me to find easy simple way to hide basement ceilings. drywall is not optional because repairing and matching paint is pain and locating plumbing electrical power not easy for home owners. this way you can unscrew planks or Velcro straps.

snakeclaw says:

nice job. good ideas. nice pool table. …..but……finish the ceiling. it looks unfinished…like a job that is not done yet. it’s hard to explain the appearance of the exposed ceiling rafters. you’ll be happier when its done though i can see why you stopped as it’s a total pain in the butt.

JoeCnNd says:

I’m about split between if he should add the drywall or not.

Kokolyn888 says:

I noticed in background that you installed plywood walls.  I’m looking to do the same thing in my basement.  My son commented to me before I found your video on youtube “that if it’s that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it”.  I can’t wait to show him your beautiful job.   There are sheeps and there are goats…I like to thing of myself as a goat!  Great Job!

dubs66 says:

Wow, sweet man cave! Good job.

Ramon Sanchez says:

Good job. Thx for the tip..

ozgur onur says:

Very nice good job

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