Why Should You Get a False Ceiling for your Home [Panel Discussion]

Why Should You Get A False Ceiling for Your Home?

False ceiling is a relatively new concept and not many people are aware of it. They don’t know what a false ceiling exactly is and how is it planned and executed. A false ceiling is required when the builder has provided just one or two points in the ceiling and the interior designer needs additional lighting points for improving the ambiance of the foyer, dining or living rooms of the apartment. It also helps to conceal the wires inside the gypsum board which if visible leave a bad impression.

Lighting will add more beauty to the walls of your home and make them presentable. Experts Ms. Vatsala and Mr. Arun from Bonito Designs will give their valuable inputs.
At 1:14 minutes, Mr. Arun asks that how does a false ceiling serve as a value addition to a person’s home. In Response, Ms. Vatsala gives a step-wise solution to the question raised. The ‘channel’ structure is used to conceal all the wires and it withstands the strength of the board. The electrical wires are then fixed using flexi pipes. In future if any problems are faced with the bulbs or switches then these can be fixed easily using the flexi pipes. Another method is to pull out all the wires and re-fix the arrangement as per the customer requirement when they want a particular section of the room to be lit up.

At 2:22 minutes, Ms. Vatsala explains more about the ‘boards’ that are used to construct the false ceilings. These are made out of plaster of paris. Gypsum boards of various other brands are also available in the market. In commercial spaces like offices and buildings, ‘grit ceilings’ are used and in theatres, ‘acoustic boards’ are being used. In case of residential spaces, there is a greater freedom to choose the materials. At 3:20 minutes, she says that apart from gypsum boards, wood, glass and fabric ceilings can also be used.

At 3:22 minutes, Ms. Vatsala explains more about wood ceilings which are also known as ‘rafters in the ceiling’. She recommends wooden ceilings for houses as they are long lasting and more durable. Another innovative concept is of the ‘floating wall’ which starts at the bottom of the room and goes up across the roof. False ceilings make the place more interesting and lively.

At 4:33 minutes, Mr Arun asks if false ceilings will be appealing to the children. Ms. Vatsala says that totally depends on them. False ceilings for kids have to more interesting and they may contain the patterns liked by the kids; maybe their favourite cars or cartoon characters otherwise they will get bored. If the room is fascinating then the kids would like to spend more time in their rooms.

Mr. Arun raises concern about the life span of the false ceilings at 5:24 minutes and ms. Vatsala explains that the durability depends on the maintenance. If the walls are not exposed to moisture or dampness then they might last as long as 15 years. Appropriate precautionary measures have to be taken if such problems are faced. In the chimneys are in
place in the kitchen, only then can false ceilings be put up otherwise not.

At 6:08 minutes, Mr Arun asks if the false ceilings will be affted by pests and termites. Ms. Vatsala answers by saying that depth is avoided in the residential structures as the ceiling height given by the builders is already less and rats stay in places with greater depth. Also, they are designed in such a way that they cover the whole ceiling without leaving any openings. At 7:00 minutes, she talks about the general height of the ceilings. For residential complexes, the maximum height can be 6 inches.

Hence, false ceilings improve the overall beauty of a building.


Prasad Kulkarni says:

r u doing it out of Bangalore? As I am living in Goa. I wanted to know. I am also booked a flat.

IMC Business says:

Very useful information.

Adarsh Katukuri says:

can we install home theater speakers in False celling ??

pav Singh says:

False vs pvc which one will be better and last long

Aditya Pushkar says:

Is it safe in earthquake prone area?

Suman rania Sharma says:

thank you for the wonderful ideas about false ceiling

Chirant G says:

how much will false ceiling cost per sq ft


I saw the why false ceiling from bonito.thanku.what is the preferred false ceiling ht from floor level to get the best air circulation from ceiling fan

Interior Dost says:


Bobby M C says:

How long have you been in this industry..

praveen uttam says:

why not u. work out side Bangalore

Aditya Pavan Bhamidipati says:

Good Attempt by Bonito Designs to educate people about the profession of Interior Designing. And about this video, False Ceiling is not just to conceal Electrical Wiring, but to majorly hide beams which run in between your flat or house. Also not bulbs but LED’s can be located on the ceiling as per design which is being practiced now a days apart from tube lights in the earlier era. Most of the ambient lighting is being served by LED’s these days.

Ayush Anand says:

how much it cost for a luxirous pop ….nd how can I consult u

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