Installing Shop Walls and Ceiling

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Daniel Stewart says:

Hi there April! The shop is looking great and I’m sure you are excited to see it finished! I think we are only a couple of hours from one another and I am an experienced Carpenter with many years on the job. I don’t really ever post any of my builds, but if you ever want to talk building or anything in the trades feel free to email me at Thanks!

ajaz ahmed says:

I want workwithyou

John Brock says:

I am enjoying your shop build. My shop is a one car garage but I got old an lost my wife of 39 yrs. I build model ships an take codeine to keep pain down to a tolerable level. Norma A. keep up the good work I have always enjoyed good craftsmanship. Thank you look forward to your next video.

Ronnie Hudson says:

You sound like ivanka trump!

mike victor says:

how much have you spent so far? Assuming your saving good amount of money by DYI but you always have helpers (assume they have to be paid). Thinking what a project like this will cost?

Fs-Kris-Fx says:

I’m SO JEALOUS of this build! Its my ultimate goal to build something like this to turn into a special effects warehouse! I’ve been working in tiny spaces for years and my work has only gotten more and more popular and its been so hard trying to keep up and get any work done at all in such small spaces! I NEED something like this so bad! Love your videos and can’t wait to see the next one!

Mike Nickel says:

Much easier way to find the corners of your cutouts: Take an old lipstick and dab the corners of the outlets, and then lean the plywood/drywall against it and give it a little tap. All the necessary cut corners will show up exactly where they should with no measuring necessary.

Chris Jamz says:

Great looking shop!! Plywood walls are definitely the way to go. I covered the walls in my garage with 3/4 ply years ago. I love the flexibility to hang anything, anywhere I want. Can’t wait to see your finished project!

tpgoat says:

I feel like you are going to be very unhappy with the light levels in your finished shop.

SKP215 says:

Interesting that you keep saying “I” “I” “I” when your husband and another helper are working right along with you on everything. Cody deserves some kudos too.

chad smith says:

Meant to say expensive building

James L Coble says:

Looks excellent. I know this may be an odd question but are you going to maybe put the plans on your page for if someone wanted to build something like that?

OFFtheSTRIP says:

April, couldn’t you have drilled a hole in the plywood where the outlets were and used a plunge router to cut out holes instead of a jigsaw?

Jason Tompson says:

Who builds a 2900 sq. ft shop? You need a golf cart to get around this thing…  Hold on, I need a clamp, be back in 7 minutes.  Wow, over 3k in sanded plywood for the walls?  Why not drywall and add tool boards later?  I can’t watch anymore, it’s way over the top.

James Fargo says:

You look so happy
And tired

Charles Balasingh says:

You are absolutely an amazing person. Thanks for learning and thanks for sharing with us. I watch all of your videos. I want to do all the things you are doing but don’t have the time. I watch you do it and get satisfied. Keep doing what you are doing. God Bless you!

Richard Davenport says:

Seriously, work smarter not harder. Rub lipstick on the front edge of the outlet box. Slap the plywood up against the wall and it will leave a mark exactly where the outlet needs to be.

Daniel Flather says:

That 3/4″ ply is $60+ each sheet here.

sniper32310 says:

were do you get the sheet handle tool for handling sheet goods?looks awsome

Damian Mc says:

Wow that is some space…..great job April, keep chugging…

Love2boat92 says:

That’s quite the shop April, you should be proud. It’s something how you already had to take the plywood off the walls because of the water. I’m sure you are glad you screwed it instead of nail it. Great video as usual.


I did notice there was no nail guard over the condensing lines. Be careful when you run screws there.

CrossWood says:

Hey April, check out Apple Drains on YouTube…some great info on diverting water away from foundations. Also, a retaining wall would look really nice, and be functional, on the uphill side of the building. Looking great! Cheers, Chris.

Mushroomlw says:

Really enjoying the process.
Can’t wait to see your first project out of the new shop

David Mack says:

I am wondering as i don’t see j boxes for power drop down cords for like table saws that likely are mid shop space and overhead lighting etc? Once again looking forward to seeing your approach to this. Big shop space big tool place good times ahead. How awesome!
Best to you,

Marcel Freitas says:

Great job always…But can I ask…. Why didn’t you staggered the plywood sheets

DredWolf says:

to make measurement easier, start from the ceiling, then the bottom is just 3 measurements for height, (concrete is never “perfectly” flat. but if your ceiling is reasonably flat, your walls at the bottom are pretty easy to do ( drywallers know this as a part of their daily life :))

gatecity23 says:

Starting to take shape and looking great!!

Kirkland Gandy says:

I was with you till you used that crappy ceiling panels. If you spent the money on 3/4″ finished plywood on the walls why not use a thinner plywood for ceiling?

MrSatchelpack says:

Noob question. Why bother with a ceiling for a shop? I get it for personal preference and aesthetics, but for someone who is on a budget, is it necessary for building code?

Robert Taylor says:

Did you consider using construction adhesive in the 1/4 panels in the metal shop where the seam is? It should hold the seam together better.

DomManInT1 says:

Great job! Wishes for your continued success.

Dave baranoff says:

That was great!

Frank Yandle says:

It made sense.

chad smith says:

Did you WIN the Lottery? this is a very expressive building – and how can you afford this when you just bought a house?

Lord baal says:

Where’s the bathroom?

Scott Johnson says:

Looks very nice!

Farmall Paul says:

Hi April- I’m sure enjoying this project. Where did you get the corrugated polycarbonate sheeting? Thanks

Jens Schumann says:

Absolut super Arbeit, aber ich finde etwas wenig Licht.

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