How To Install Ceiling Drywall Using A Panel Lift

In this video we will show how to Assemble and Operate the Lift so you can drywall the ceiling Alone in record time.


How to cut the perfect mitre joint!

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Michael Kelley says:

I I have a question regarding the corners where the walls meet the ceiling. Should I use the factory tapered edge or should I cut that off to make a sharper corner thank you

владимир христинин says:

и почём такая железяка?

เอกชัย เบี้ยคําภา says:


Wisnu Setiawan says:

No safetyou not hlmet

Buki Plaster says:

Como sellama el aparato

Joseph DESTAUBIN says:

I was going to say the same thing about doing the ceilings first and then the walls, but then I realized there is a bigger issue here. Keeping in mind I’m a GC, and not a hanger, but aren’t ceilings coded for scews 8in on Center, rather than the 12 that it appears you used. I know this video is about the lift and not about the drywall in general. But one should always double-check code before posting a video. I appreciate the video though.

A Ballantyne says:

Lids first I only seen these once so far love the vid but you missed the upper but thats why It didnt fit =)

Bình Nguyễn says:

I love American

jake tornga says:

You forgot to pull the wheel crank out away from the middle…

Martin Hernandez says:

How to. Install. Driwall. The. Lasy. Way

Michael Redfern says:

again – you are a genius and a very funny one too. hehe

i like your reference to the “blocks” video that we all watch and then see your video next in line. LOL

It would take a person 2 days to do the block method in this same room with the same boards to hang. but you have to admit, the blocks video is nifty for a 10th grader. it’ll win some science projects….

Thanks… renting the thingamagig

Tracey PowellSimpson says:

very helpful learning tool, I work at a tool rental

Imam Ruhyat says:

tuku alate nang ndi kuwe pak

Kausar Ansari says:

Hi contact me this is my work

Deniz Gokay says:


henry salami says:

awesome video thanks. appreciated you addressing common and uncommon issues.

Flannel Guy DIY says:

nice video. I used one of those to hang drywall on my ceiling during a basement project. Worked great. Subscribed… hopefully you will like the content on my channel enough to do the same

Katie Curless says:

This video is the greatest. I was told it would cost an extra $1,000 because the drywall in my garage lid was 5/8″ and instead of 4×8 I bought 4×12 which is really heavy and would require more men to assist. Um……I guess these professionals don’t know about the drywall lift. 🙂

Jahangir Alam says:

Supper good job

Ghaith Shami says:

How to install drywall on a concrete ceiling ?



Sidney Mathious says:

That tool really comes in handy for one person installing sheet rock panels in the ceiling, and I will remember that if I have to install them at home again. Because I am not a professional at this I looked at how I could do this myself when I had one room which needed new panels put up. In the end I ended up hiring a professional to install the panels and do the rest of the work needed to straighten up the damaged area.

fixit says:

He forgor to pull the wheel out. No need to vet under the board.

Donna Pate says:

Very helpful !

Denimoth says:

Builders for my house installed drywall on the walls first. For whatever reason, the ceiling has dropped a bit (deflection in the wood floor above, nail heads popping, whatever the reason). This caused the tape at the corners (wall meets ceiling) to buckle and push out, cracking the paint. I have to figure out a way to re tape and mud these joints, and with popcorn ceiling, it won’t be an easy fix without looking like an obvious patch job or redoing the popcorn effect on the entire ceiling. Don’t take chances, drywall the ceiling first!

Gabriel Gonzales says:

buenos videos

Jason Emberton says:

Enjoying the videos, thanks! I’m installing 2 layers of drywall to a ceiling, the second layer is the heavier acoustic boards (5/8″). My question is: Will 3″x1″ strapping be strong enough to hold all that extra weight? I could screw directly into the joists but strapping appeals to me because the ceiling will have a vapor control layer, so more control over possible screw penetrations.

ram 12e says:

If you had a room that was 10 foot wide walls would you buy 12 foot sheets? Or use the 8 foot one’s and add a piece?so that way you wouldn’t have a butt joint on the walls? Thanks…great video by the way I enjoy all your videos..

Pedro Portillo says:


Patrick O'Hara says:

Very straight forward instructions, perfect for a beginner. The host has a wonderful attitude for teaching, informative without being condescending. Thank you I learned a lot .

Sami Mehar says:

Butt with this mashine you are easy to make stylesh ceiling your wife she orderd to do…you dont need to use your sholders or head…

Manuel Caballero says:

Y donde hay gradas?

Furkan Ahamad says:


brans says:

That’s an awesome tool but what if it a slanted ceiling (attic) how do u hold the sheet to butt joint against the walls?

Full Desi says:


Just A Seeker says:

in my garage I have 2×4 truss’s at 24inch center’s. Will that support drywall or is drywall too heavy? Is there another option that would be less weight than drywall.

zaqueu dos santos says:

Tudo muito pratico. !!

Hugo Ochoa says:

Esa es la manera exacta de cómo puedes perder dinero y no competir en el mercado del drywall

Philip Martin says:


Juan Alfaro says:

Gracias por elvideo muy bueno

Roberto Daniel says:

Manda pra mim no Brasil como doação claro porque eu sou un pobre milhonario há há

Lo La says:

Great tool, probably easier to do than having another man helping. Thanks for showing me that.

Fadi Abro says:

Do you really need strapping when you drywall on a ceiling? I have similar engineered i-joists that are pretty straight and flat. Can I just screw right to those? Would I have to use a heavier board? 5/8? Great videos by the way. Love the emphasis on keeping things square and plumb!

евгений вороненко says:

халтура конкретная , полное рукожопие

Pitter la araña says:

why you didnt cut the sheet on the middle of the stud??

C M says:

Thank you for showing this, hanging drywall in my double garage and I needed to see how to use one of these things.

carlos mendes says:


Martin Hernandez says:

Bout. The. Time you. Put. Ur. Machine. Together. I. Could. Be. Done. Hanging. I. Hall. Room

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