How To Install A Suspended or Drop Ceiling

Article & layout diagram @ – Shannon from shows you how to install a suspended ceiling system, also referred to as a drop ceiling. This type of ceiling is common in house basements since it allows you to move a tile and access plumbing, ductwork, electrical, etc. If you have any questions at all, head over to our forums and ask away @


fernarias says:

Why would you install a drop ceiling in a home. I’ve been looking at homes in the midwest (to buy) and most homes there seem to have this system while homes where I live, California, don’t have drop ceilings (offices have this since it makes it easier to access hvac etc). Is it related to cost?

brian ingell says:

I got fired for not having the needed expertise required to do this “easiest job there is to do” after watching this video, I laugh that the boss will have to do it.

Jason D says:

Huge help – just about to do this in my basement for the first time. THANKS!

Jason E. Johnson says:

I want to install some insulation above my drop ceiling in the basement to cut down on some of the sound. Will that hurt anything from a heating/cooling perspective? Also, should I just regular insulation or is there a better kind for sound dampening?

hl white says:

You could use a water level if you don’t have a laser.

Abinash Sahu says:

This is the best video I ever came across. Each element is explained in detail and helped me figure out my own project.

Farook Omar says:

how about room that out of square

jjooeegg1 says:

Why are there glade air fresheners above wall ?

David Unger says:

Shannon, this really helped me with my ceiling installation, thanks. But do you have any advice on how to remove a piece after they’re snapped together? I had a few that I had temporarily put together in order to eyeball alignment, and “unsnapping” them was extremely difficult.

alaye ayaba says:

thank you. i finally get it!!! you are a great teacher

boubousunset says:

Nice video. Easy to understand. Followed the instructions and ended up doing a very good job. Thank you for all the tips ! Even a French Canadian can understand and follow the video easily !

Michael Dodge says:

Thank you for this thorough video. Tons of great pointers. Best how-to for drop ceilings on the internet. Thank you!

Terry Roediger says:

Thanks. Great informative video moving at a pace that allows the detail to be understood. In the end, a good quality outcome is achieved through attention to the detail.

Issam Adnan says:

good job man thanks for taking time to show us how to do it step per step. thanks again from UK

Waheed Alabbas says:

What happens with other methods and different materials

Farook Omar says:

how i can draw out of square room on paper

Cheryl Lynn says:

This video was a huge help in showing me how to install a drop ceiling in our basement. Thank you for making it so understandable.

Richard Brook says:

Thank you I understand 99.9 % of it but the bit I don’t understand is where to make the cut in the runner..because obviously this is crucial in lining up the grid and getting the equal spacing around the outside..I’m guessing the position of the runner must be exactly mirror the next runner..otherwise they won’t line up….my point is how do you know how much to chop off to get the required equal measurement on both sides either width ways or length ways? Hope that makes sense!

Melvin Ross says:

Good video your talking makes me sleepy though

Waheed Alabbas says:

Thank you

jbecker18jb says:


alaye ayaba says:

smh people are haters.. keep up the great work

tarquin fintim says:

For God’s sake America and Canada… GO METRIC LOL It’s the 21st century! 🙂

Albert Faustino says:

great video. Thanks

Roger R says:

Excellent show Shannon! I frequently watch your videos as you explain every potential obstacles that we might come across when doing the job that helps everyone tremendously. As always thank you very much.

CurbsideLife says:

The grid for my 2×2 tiles is 3 1/4 inch below the floor beams. But then theres some 1/2 inch metal tubing under the beams so I have even less room. I cant get out a tile without breaking it. So how do I get a replacement tile in? They are not sliding in like yours do in the video. Theres almost no room to angle the tiles in any way. Beyond frustrated.

cousinscrowd says:

Great video. Thanks for the help it’s much appreciated.

Mason Perkins says:

Thanks so much! I have to manage a project tomorrow where we put in a drop ceiling, and this is really saving my tail. I must say though that if you just did a step, then went back and gave the professional tips, that context would make the details easier to remember, understand, and apply.

itfben says:

really interesting watch. I had absolutely no idea how these ceiling systems were installed now I feel confident enough to give it a bash for my workshop! thanks.

Eyran Taylor says:

great video bro…

Bounty Bountyqp says:

Great vid quality!

mohamed chibani says:

hi shannon, thanks for the vide
cant we just rely on the joist level to set the drop ceiling level ?

brubakeroso says:

Thanks for the video. You just made my job easier!

Jason E. Johnson says:

Thank you for the video. I need to install a drop ceiling in my office in the basement. Your video is just what I needed to help me. Thanks.

Curtis Brown says:

thank you so much!! I bumped into you at the home show last week. Very informative videos you have, greatly appreciated.

Raymond Humphreys says:

Thanks for the video Shannon. It’s very informative and the only instructional that explains all steps.

Waheed Alabbas says:

Very accurate explan

Chuck R says:

Excellent video i will use your tips to finish my own room

Michael Rolfer says:

Great video! Gave me just the information I needed.

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