How To Install A Suspended or Drop Ceiling

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Shannon from shows you how to install a suspended ceiling system, also referred to as a drop ceiling. This type of ceiling is common in house basements since it allows you to move a tile and access plumbing, ductwork, electrical, etc. If you have any questions at all, head over to our forums and ask away @


marvin rivera says:

Great thanks for the video!

dontdoitnow says:

good vid, i suggest running it 1.75 speed

John Miller says:

Shame on your guys down fingers. This guys just helping people and showing his great knowledge, shame, shame, shame!!!!!

Samy's Entertainment says:

what do you charge to do this job per sqft??

James Smith says:

You make it looks so easy. Good job

Rahid Safin says:

thanks a lot

Sarah Braz says:

Such an informative video, thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to try to do this myself in the basement this spring.

Jose Sosa says:

great job

flammers4 says:

What kind of drill bit did you use to screw up eye lag

pcacciat61 says:

Great video.

Tulsi Persaud says:

Excellent video. Thank you.

Jeff Halhead says:

What gauge wire do you recommend for hanging the main tees?

Jacob Prescott says:

Nice video. I’ve done drop ceilings before, but never start to finish. I still consider myself a novice. This video was done extremely well. Very helpful. Thanks

Brad Lawrence says:

Great instructional video. One of the best videos that I have viewed when looking for a method to complete a task. This is a long video but I highly recommend that it be watched from start to finish before you even buy material. This video pretty much covers off all that you need to know to effectively install a drop ceiling. I thank you very much for putting this video up and I am now heading off to buy all the material and get going on my ceiling.

Brent Mcfadden says:

Great show! Started 2 days ago and sure could have used this earlier , however damn close to what you did! Much app!

Mr Ether says:

Thanks very informative

Ventura Films says:

thank u very much

jewel ahamed says:

Sir, thank you so match .

Jason Hunter says:

I feel all suspended ceilings material is so dry, the material it’s made of. Is there like some glossy ones or harder ones?;)

safeey awan says:


Harold Rogers says:

Great video. Thank You

Kyle Tulp says:

Is it recommended to frame up walls before installing a drop ceiling? I have an unfinished basement at the moment, and dont know if its recommended to install a drop ceiling at the same time as framing up walls. Any info would be great!

EvaBongoria says:

How things have changed with slim LED pots.

spoada says:

Very helpful. I almost don’t want to give up ceiling height though. But looks physically easier than drywall ceiling.

Paulj tee says:

I watched several of the videos showing how to install the ceiling grid and yours was BY FAR the best. Thanks for doing such a good job explaining.

Alec BUSCEMI says:

An excellent video. Thanks for pointing out the diagonals. Great for squaring

Nebuchadnezzar says:

Shannon as always you’re the man! Great video thanks man.

Pradheepancm Pradheepancm says:

thank you great video

Danielle padgett says:

Sweet video ty for taking the time to record, and share. Looking at that ceiling, I could tell it was more difficult than most commercial layouts.

I suppose residential housing is a bit more difficult, via the plans often used having more architectural variations in the walling of the sheet rock. As sheet rock is great about hiding or boxing in structure reinforcements.

Lane Yaremchuk says:

My ENTIRE basement is done based on your videos. From studs to drywall to drop ceiling… EVERYTHING. They are invaluable. Thank you!

Nasser Khazem says:

Thank you very much for your smooth and calm teaching
I have always wanted to this in my living room and you made look easy , I’m ready for the project



Paulj tee says:

Hi Shannon, I wanted to sincerely Thank you for this great video. My daughter has been waiting for months on the guy who was supposed to do her kids new bedrooms, he finally just cancelled, So it was up to me to do it. I was a union taper and worked on big commercial jobs, and worked with tin snips a lot cutting metal corner bead, control joints, flex bead, you name it. So working with the ceiling grid and making cuts was a snap. Plus, having stilts was a big plus as I did everything on them. It went very fast, and it turned out beautiful. Level and professional. I used tiles with a recessed edge like you did, and they were beautiful. But without your video, I would have been screwed. I watched every video on YouTube, and learned very little until I watched yours. Thanks man, totally in debt to you.

Weaver Family Farms says:

excellent video, we have been working on ours a few hours over the past few days! Thanks for the video.

Jason Cardona says:

The Bob Ross of home improvement.

I did not think I would watch the entire video… but I did and now I feel confident in doing this project!

Patriot Rep says:

By far the best video instruction on YouTube.

Carl Willis says:

Very well done. I appreciate your help.

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