How to Install a Faux Metal Ceiling

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Install lightweight, faux metal ceiling tiles to add a touch of the dramatic to a room. Read the blog post:

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Karl Toth says:

well if you don’t want to do all that hard math, you can just tape them all up first and see if they fit…lol

MrTBoneMalone says:

Cheap junk!

Jabed Ahmed says:

this is amazing…how long do these last? how long the adhesive will hold the tiles? can i at least expect 15+ years out of these??

Sekar C says:

இது எங்கு கிடைக்கும்

real eyes realize real lies says:

Do the full ones first then if it’s off a little on the perimeter the crown will hide it.

naomi chambers says:

What are the benefits of real metal tile vs. fake tile?

Heidi S says:

WHY remove the crown molding????

Himansu Behera says:


Sonny Wilson says:

I feel I’m watching
on CBS

siddharth jawale says:

I want to buy this please send me details 9172770234

Matt Yabs says:

This sort of nasty stuff was all the rage in the 70’s in the UK, I can’t believe it’s still a thing.

sixpackbinky says:

Are these easy to clean?

Soniboy84 says:

Looks f*cking disgusting. Good job though!

Tom Blanton says:

I have a popcorn ceiling. Can I install over it?

Eee Sss says:

can you imagine if this room get fire?  get real metal one.

David Wojcik says:

Very impressive look. I’ve seen the polystyrene crown molding used several times now. Looks so easy to work with. Any tradeoffs from wood or PVC?

Usman Ali says:

5:27 did anyone notice he fucked up the carpet

Lord baal says:

Styrofoam, no. I’d rather use PVC then styrofoam.

Cliff Carlo says:

I don’t fully see the reason why the cornice was removed. Surely the faux tiles can be butted to it during installation. It seems now there are many crevices for bugs and critters to hide between the newly installed cornice and faux tiles.

Joy Prasanna says:

Where we get this

ike fun says:

I wouldn’t let this jackass change a lightbulb talk about the most pathetic looking job around talk about hacking job freaking reading instruction manual definitely do him some good and what kind of a dumbass rips apart crown molding like that just to put up fake s***

TomKaren94 says:

That new crown is garbage.

Helen says:

It looks great…

Sin kovec says:

BBW = ELP + CP / 0 SMV

TomKaren94 says:

3:32 – You should take the remaining distance to the wall, divide by 2 and add half the width of a tile. That way, you don’t have any tiles that are smaller than half a tile. You’ll end up with one row less of full tiles, but your border tiles will be larger. It gives a much better look.

Oh Yeah says:

He lost my confidence when he took down the crown molding. This guy must be trying to sell that glue-on crown molding too. What do you do when you want to take it down and paint the ceiling? Yep, tear down the molding again.

Barbara Tran says:

Omg my eye twitched when he broke the crown molding. I reused mines! Saves a ton of money. Just use a little bit of paint to freshen it and voila!

Salman Ali says:


Sin kovec says:

Tacky as.

Kainat Nazneen says:


Dave Williams says:

Love it

Curiosity says:

Yes it did, nice work!

1959Berre says:

Looks like a Vegas brothel.

Ethan Lowry says:

fuck he has aged

lilacaraby says:

Wait…he tore down the crown molding and then cut the faux metal ceiling tiles anyway…that just doesn’t make sense.

Romona Robinson says:

how would this look with adjoining rooms? If you didn’t want to do the other room

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