How to Hang Drywall Ceilings — by Home Repair Tutor

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Wanna learn how to hang drywall on ceilings the easy way?

If the answer’s YES, then you’ll love our video tutorial. Steve White from SRW Contracting ( shows you how he hangs drywall by himself.

All you need are a few tools and some elbow grease, which always comes in handy 😀

Steve remodels bathrooms every week and the first step, after demo, is to install the ceiling.

Often times he’s by himself. So he uses a drywall lift to hang ceilings. This costs about $40 to rent, although Steve owns one.

Once the drywall is flush to the the ceiling joist you can screw it to the joist using an impact driver and drywall setter. The setter costs about $5 for a set of 4.

Make sure the drywall is square with the top plate. Then you can drill screws every 16 inches on the Xs that are on the drywall. If your joists are 24 on center you should apply a bead of liquid nail to them then attach the drywall.

For more tips on how to hang drywall on ceilings check out Steve’s video

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Donkeyearsa says:

I saw that your insulation was totally wrong. Before watching drywall videos I watched how to install insulation videos and how your insulation is it won’t pass most city codes for ceilings.

As for your drywall it’s nice when you have all the fancy expensive toys to play with that someone doing their own drywall work won’t have access to.

Jeffrey Lonigro says:

“I always use 5/8 on the ceiling because it stays flatter…” You use 5/8 on the ceiling because it’s fire code. Good video. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

Patrick Finnegan says:

i noticed the 412 area code on this guys shirt! He doesn’t sound like Yinzer, like I do n’at.

C Winegarden says:


Ali haidar says:

Where’s your safety glasses ? :-))

David Morrin says:

how high can that lift go..i have 10 foot callings in my garage

Greg Collins says:

Question: on a room that is 50′ x 12′ would it be best to use 12′ sheets, run them parallel to the joists and avoid doing any butt joints – or would this cause problems somehow?

CmdrMoros says:

Normal code for screw field is 3+perimeter in Colorado. Where are you?

Adrian Printes says:

hello i have a room with 11,81 foot hight and i want to make it at 9.84 hight. is enough this wood structure or need to anchor the beams on the old ceiling?

Connor Pearson says:

What happens if your joists are bowed in the middle? How do you flatten the ceiling?

Elizabeth Kazeva says:

sounds like a subtle Pittsburgh accent. Where are you gentlemen from?

Mn384 says:

Helpful! Does it matter what the height of the top plates are relative to the ceiling, as long as the drywall is screwed to the joists above? I ask because my basement studs are cement with a 1×2 stuck to the ends of them with no top plate. (It is a precast foundation )

da324 says:

Can I use 1/4 inch on the ceiling if the joists are 16″?

natalie knau says:

Seriously?! U call this helpful? Maybe if I had the massive drywall “LIFT” equipment which the average person does not have!

AJMitchell says:

Good tip re: using 5/8 drywall and using adhesive on the ​ceiling

RetroWeld says:

Jeff, that is a must have tool if you are doing it by yourself. Nice job. Douglas

Builders Wholesale says:

Great Tips!

MrInternut says:

Well done! You can also use a plumb bob to mark location of ceiling openings on the floor and then use that floor mark to find the center on the new ceiling?

Ken Lowe says:

Excellent presentation. You instructed every point that was necessary. Thanks!

Joe Marcella says:

Great tip… check out http://www.drillcaddy.orgto see how to keep your screw tips at your ready

Jonathan Marcotte says:

Good job on the insulation and vapour barrier.

Chris Beaudoin says:

what brand drywall lift do you use?

Mn384 says:

Addition to my previous comment. I am specifically referring to exterior walls. Obviously I will need to add studs and top plates to add other rooms but the exterior walls is that necessary?

MedicineGhosts says:

I bloody love that song.

brad h says:

I have a house that was built in 1970. I am about to have a new ceiling installed because mine is broken and falling because of a sunken slab foundation(recently repaired). Will my current attic insulation have to be discarded?

Walter 777 says:

That’s a nice jack safes your back!!!! But how do you cut those hole for wants?

Darrell Kuhn says:

Thanks for the drywall tip about the lip around the vent fan. I was trying to get ideas how professionals do it and it was exactly the tip I needed!!

Juan Nunez says:

That roof its not even 8 ft high..

Yeselin Win says:

that machine should come with a  electric powered motor and a remote control so you can push a button up or down…maybe in the 2020 model….

michael klassen says:

so hot  and adorable

Dan says:

5/8″ is also minimum code in about 90% of the country

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