Basement Ceiling Ideas (Planning Your way Around the Obstacles) Finishing your basement ceiling can be a really confusing and frustrating task for a lot of us! In this video I will take some of the mystery and hopefully a lot of the “guess-work” out of your basement ceiling design phase.

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Paul Fitzpatrick says:

How much was this $ job for materials? & Labor too? Thanks

Brandon Shaw says:

Looks good. But those drywall ceilings are a nightmare when you need access water leak or things of that sort.

bryanmcdermott77 says:

Dig the new intro, Eddie.

upsd402 says:

Nice work.

John Doe says:

great job..

Davide Dvorak says:

Good video
But don’t talk SO much and get your message across faster. People have more common sense than you think.

Cameron Fischer says:

all that only took 3 weeks? damn!

Peter V says:

Excellent video – thank you!

CptMachineGun says:

How much did it cost you?

rick mckinnon says:

Great work. My family and i are trying to buy a home in east stroudsburg pa, are you any where close to that area? I’m asking because i would like to hire you to help me remodel a really old basement..



Mike Connors says:

Why would you install the smoke detector in the lowest section if the ceiling?

Davide Dvorak says:

My comment did not come across the right way it was not in anyway meant to offend…
For that I apologize to you.

SuperKoda780 says:


Game God says:

how much did you spend

StriderFilms 12:29 says:

We’ve been watching all of your videos as we are looking at finishing our basement. Great filming, description and instructions!

I was curious on building sofits as you’ve shown with 2×4 as to what the maximum width/span of it can be? In other words, when the two parallel vertical short walls are built, what is the max length a flat 2×4 can be toe nailed between them without issues of sagging or structural?

Thanks again!

Peter Bergeris says:

How do I hide a bath tub drain pipe that is angling ? I can’t drop the ceiling to that level.

Derek Hammond says:

Hey Eddie. Love the videos. I purchased the BFU. I also posted some questions to the framing community. I’ve never seen them posted. any ideas?

Dckommentatur S says:

what do you think about making a doorway/arch under the stairs to connect the two rooms?

Abbey Moore says:

Hi there! I’d be honored to get your advice. I am a first time homeowner of an early 80’s house. In the basement, there is not that sleek style of ductwork as shown in this video. It is the big soft round type, with a much lower clearance. What can I do to maximize ceiling height when finished?

sonastainbrook says:

Wow, I have so many obstacles it is going to be very hard. I was wondering how you did your exterior walls? I am going to have mine spray foamed. Lots of work to do. Great job!

radar radar says:

Good Job man. I did something similar with mine. Went with Gypse ceiling to hide all the duct, sewage and water lines. I hid the I-Beams with barn board to match the barn board wall we went with.

Craig Arndt says:

One day I will get off my butt and do our basement. I really enjoy these videos.

teddybear2123 says:

Nice work! What’s the point of insulating ceiling in the basement with fiberglass?

Brandan Masterson says:

At 7:00 as an electrician, the can lights in the soffit being off centered from the windows drives me crazy. Always try and center if by a window for cosmetics. Most untrained eye wouldn’t pay attention to it, nor will they ever. But it is just a personal thing.

joanna yeo says:

I need a basement like this but my home doesn’t even have one. Looks really good, well done though I do agree with others about the showing of the framing process. Subbed up for dream ideas!

Paul Bartelt says:

this is a great video man, quick question. when you spanned the steel and the duct trunk for the widest soffit, did you have to come accross the bottom of your ladders so you could have the screw pattern needid or were you able to just put ladders in between the obsacles to keep from having to come down even lower?

Subtly Agressive says:

Pfff, cry me a river! I wish I had your house! My ductwork and plumbing are so messy, I’m looking at 7ft high ceilings in most areas fml

san mac says:

Good work, but u have all interior pipes in one place I have all pipes randomly fixed at basement ceiling…. Now it’s hard for me to hide them one by one….. Right now i m in that project. anyways u could have decorated your 3 feet ceiling with wooden finish

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