3D Infinity Ceiling Stretch Ceiling 3D illusion Effect on Stretch Ceiling by elektric-junkys

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We Print you up to any Foil on your needs, Sky Ceilings, Forrest Ceilings, Family or Baby Ceilings or Wall stretch Foils, Just reply us tell us the size and the picture in High Resolution, we can make up to all Angles Stretch Ceilings triangle or Round Stretch Ceilings, Square Stretch Ceilings, Nothing is impossible just contact us at elektric-junkys.com
LED Infinity Ceiling Stretch Ceiling 3D illusion Effect on Stretch Ceiling infinity Ceiling clipso

For this Project we used dual Line LED Strips 5050 RGB, but there is also the Posibility to use WS2811, WS2812b, LPD6801 or Other LED Strips, there is also a way to use an White Streetch ceiling roof and prepare Adressable LED Strips under before to animate an Sky, Cloud animation, or Sunrise, we are glad to hear from you support@elektric-junkys.com
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[House] Laszlo – Imaginary Friends [NCS Release]

K-391 ft. Cory Friesenhan – Dream Of Something Sweet

Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]

Verm – Explode [NCS Release]

JIKES (Ft. Nori) – Let’s Fly Away Pt.2 [NCS Release]


Tawfiq Kamal says:

what kind of fabric or material you are using, is it ready made to buy ?

Jorge armando Cardona says:

Quiero saber si esto se consigue en c/bia

carlos cuatis says:

gracias por enseñar saludos desde ecuador quito

Gilmar S. Garcia says:


Restaurante Las Palmas says:

cuanto cuesta la manta aya

Flavio Antunes says:

Dificil acha e o tecido para isto

degons mbiye says:

Hi I’d like to bye this where can I get it?

Vivo SHONARE hoo says:

Wowww beutiful


Bad ass

Khairulanuar Nasir says:

Good job is very nice ..


If only this video had some shitty repetitive electronic music, it would be perfect.

Halsaufschneider says:

Men, this is a “in good faith” product. The moment something happens to the LEDs. You can rip down the entire ceiling, and do it anew. Zero chance for maintenance.
As a pure pragmatic guy. Never would I build it this way. Nor sell it, to other people. Cause its shady.

Not to mention the warranty you had to uphold, if something should happen shortly after. Thats also bad for your own business. Electronic dies way too easily these days…

Awais Mushtaq says:

Can u plz tell me is this paper or like cloth?

Harshaka Madushan says:

Good job!
What’s the name of that 3d sticker?? How can we get it?

Bin Chien says:

Qúa tuyệt vời


Where I get it?

shen shen says:

awesome… like how you showed everything even the timing… excellent video…

GAMES says:

бедный чел, посмотрел бы как натягивать потолки правильно, не мучился бы. ))

Акенина Татьяна says:

как менять диоды, лампы, когда они сгорят?

frank lucas says:

Great work and very interesting, I would like to see more of your works,

Edimar Almeida says:

Muito bonito fico ..
Esse tecido é de quantos metros ? Queria compra chega no Brasil?

rupali ninawe says:

Its Amazing!

Jojo Chickrock says:

Man that’s alot of work but very nice

jose pinela peñafiel says:

cuanto cuesta el plastico o lona el metro o el paquete o como vende por rollo me interesa trabajar con este material aca en ecuador ayudame con mas informacion o algun maual de gia para decorar las discoteca

Alissa Lenoir says:

3D Infinity ceiling…. impressive,.. You hung a sheet up having a pattern on it and stuck some LED lights behind it…. >.> just sayin lol

ogaga answer says:

Do u have any training institute?

100 beautiful ideas says:

Very beautiful

Michael Moore says:

I guess it would be difficult, but it would be cool if you were able to make the back lights brighten and dim with the curve of the tunnel, to give it the look that the lights are travelling down the tunnel. But its still awesome. I love it.

Alexandro Martins says:


Tawfiq Kamal says:

very nice

John Hennessy says:

Improve the effect by doing a circle that rotates as the lighting blends from one color shade to another…

saran s says:

How I get this product

Oscar Lomma says:


Larry Williamson says:

The music is so bad

Jojo Chickrock says:

I see that the material is kinda like a shrink wrap?

Jose Garcia says:

Es una lástima que no pueda darle #meENAMORA súper buena idea, sobre todo ECONÓMICA!

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