Whether building a new home or commercial building, remodeling, or repairing a property due to water damage or another event, choosing the type of flooring to be installed is an important decision. Common flooring choices include tile, stone, wood, vinyl and carpeting. In many circumstances, carpeting is selected due to its cost, warmth, and large […]

In this video I give you guys and gals my TOP 5 Favorite Low Tech Carpeting Plants! Please Subscribe if you enjoy this video! #FishFam #PlantedAquarium #Aquascaping

In this short video I show how I make a brand new headlining sheet along with top side panels, carpet them and install them in the Campervan. The van in question (Daihatsu Hijet) had only fabric headlining over the cab (which was drooping off) with no headlining in the rear so there was no template […]

An overview of a standard installation…

Welcome to DAY 8 of our van conversion! We initially wanted to build the bed and cabinet today but didn’t have time, so we carpeted everything instead. Thanks to Kuba for helping me film this vlog. SUPPORT US by becoming a Patron on Patreon: Buy your XERO SHOES Z-Trek sandals here: I use […]

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This video shows how we insulated our Shetland Black Prince boat with Armaflex closed cell foam to make it cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. We also replaced the old grey carpet with new marine grade carpet from a company called Mega Van Mats. The task was completed in stages between March […] What are the benefits of carpeting whole house? Some thing that hardwood floors are the way to go, but I disagree if you have children or pets. Let’s dive into some reasons and benefits for wall to wall carpeting in your home. #LOTZOFANSWERS: What are some benefits for carpet flooring. 🔴 Subscribe to Mark’s […]

Warning: What YouTube videos don’t tell you about Monte Carlo / HC Cuba carpeting plants. NOTE: To all those that are watching my YouTube channel, please be aware that there are some younger viewers that will see your comments that you post. If any of your comments contain offensive, vulgar language, name calling of others […]

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I didn’t use it but a kicker is recommended: So the big question is “how is it holding up?” Especially since I did not use a kicker or stretcher. I will keep you updated but so far it has held up perfect and that is with a ton of daily foot traffic from my […]

Installing carpet on stairs the right way.

After repainting I was keen to install some marine carpet to make the boat more comfortable, less slippery and a little quieter when out on the water. I used Pacific Ribbed Marine Carpet ( and Ados F2 glue ( I plan to continue sharing my progress of updating and restoring the boat into a more […]

Seatz Indoor Outdoor Carpet Kit – Net up on the interior restoration is puttin in some new carpet – make sure to get some double sided tape !

shows how to install carpet on an odd shaped step


This video shows how I carpet all the ply panels and metalwork in a Daihatsu Hijet I am converting from a panel van to a DVLA registered campervan (See links below for items used). I have already insulated the van so now its time to carpet all the panels & metal work so that the […]


See how I carpeted the interior of my van, and installed a ply floor.

Today we take a look at the easiest carpeting aquarium, Four leaf clover and dwarf four leaf clover. Website to buy plants: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: h2oplants Twitter: All equipment I use: (Affiliate links to amazon, helps support the channel and Kick Ass Editor Nate gets to eat, you […]