When Police Raided This House, They Found Thousands Of Creatures Carpeting The Floors

When Police Raided This House, They Found Thousands Of Creatures Carpeting The Floors

Every so often, police officers across the world encounter situations that are bizarre beyond words. The Madagascar authorities can certainly relate to that, after they raided a house on the evening of April 10, 2018. There to investigate a foul smell, the officers discovered thousands of creatures carpeting the floors.

►Source :Image: Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA)
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► By : James Cannon

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mark garcia says:

Far out and freaky too …

jeanette Reynaldo says:

Oh my gosh….poor cute little ones..hang on…you are now on the safe hands…thanks people!!

StarWarFan says:

We in Florida would love to have them here. Just export them to us and we’ll allow them to breed and release them into the wild to establish a breeding population. Then, even if they go extinct in Madagascar, there’ll always be some left in Florida.

Anjali Rajadhyaksha says:

Beautiful creatures ! Hope they get protection and are saved from extinction….Poor guys… Thanks for sharing the story.

Richard Stokes says:

Poachers should be shot. No mercy.

Kristy * says:

Don’t know what to say. OMG. Glad they are safe now.

Owaissa Althea Dickey says:

I have always loved turtles and tortoises.It breaks my heart that such beautiful animals are treated with such cruelty.Thank you for rescuing and caring for these poor creatures.I hope those responsible for creating their suffering go to jail for a long time.


These tortoises must live in captivity for their own safety otherwise they will be traded to instinction by evil humans!!!!!!

PinkFurryHat says:

This is kind of good. An endangered species got a population boost. Their conditions were sad but this event helped them

Old School_27 says:

Those cute turtles… I feel sorry for their situation. Especially this kind of animal has no way to defend themselves!? Who ever caused these turtles harm , I hope they will pay for their actions!

glock 19 says:

Such a great looking species. It must suck to be good looking in the animal kingdom. I guess its a blessing if a animal is not good looking, then they won’t get pouched what a waste of life to kill. Animals for stupid reasons. Like elephants and rhinos to make pointless trinkets.

belinda hawkins says:

Don’t watch while eating your lunch!!!
Thank u for the info

Joshua Hull says:

Quarantine them then release them. If not them they can release their babies they have.

Dave Jan says:

Why werent they just released back into the wild?? Scattered in clusteres to survive naturally. Nature always adapts, seems “concerned” humans arent giving creation much credit.

cedrick samaniego says:

They should have fed them first before moving them to avoid shock

Cathy Whiting says:

Turtles are amphibians NOT reptiles

Natasha lightfoot says:


BlueCat Blu says:

I recon all the people who do this type of disgusting things to animals, should be placed in a rocket and sent to the moon to live. Without supplies.

Andrea De La Fuente says:

Wow, I’ve never heard or seen anything like this!! There’s a happy ending. At least it helped with with their numbers. Wow!

delbert grady says:

Who wants turtle soup?

Hugo Adrian Wilkins says:

a couple of boots and a lot o’ soup!

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