Warning: What YouTube videos don’t tell you about Monte Carlo / HC Cuba carpeting plants.

Warning: What YouTube videos don’t tell you about Monte Carlo / HC Cuba carpeting plants.

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Dave Lanterman says:

You should probably get some shrimp to clean waste so it does not get out of hand.

Chris Skinner says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the plants feed off of this? Yes it creates ammonia>nitrite>nitrate. Isn’t this then used by the plants? Plant available nitrogen comes from decaying organic matter. Filtration + water changes should be able to manage this quite happily, with the plants using much of it for their growth. The way I see it is it’s just keeping the nutrients topped up in the soil which would otherwise diminish over time.

Bernal says:

Wow ,,, What a might mare and i was thinking of putting some of that beauty in my fish tank , After seeing that , No thanks .. Lesson learned not only to you , for all the people watching your video , Thank You for sharing.

STR33TSofJUST1C3 says:

Cleaning carpet plants is easy, just use a very broad tube and a small hose. I have not even ever accidentally uprooted (recently planted) Monte carlo by vacuuming.
Also, you can also just use both your hands and hold down the carpet while you vac it. I’m a newb to the aquarium hobby and I have not had this issue so far.
And last possible solution: trim it. If you worry about detritus build-up, just trim it before it gets too tall.

Lily White says:

on & on & on the same thing for 10 minutes… why are old people sooo sickeners?

Kee Truong says:

Oh ok, F that, I’m ordering some Monte Carlo now:)

Dario Mendez says:

DR Novac Do you have a video about a full filtration system in an aquarium?

1234LMAO12345 says:

this is not a warning…just need some common sense

Oswaldo Pabon says:

Rule of thumb you never keep Angel or Discus fish in a tank with carpeting plants like Cuba or Monte Carlo. These fish poop tons. Only tetras or small fish. Aquascapers never do these…..Big mistake. Live and learn….

Barry Febers says:

5 large angle fish and 3 large discus is too much for this small tank. Hate seeing overcrowding. Poor fish.

Zephyr says:

Could you have used fresh water shrimp to clean it, but as I am typing this I realize you have angels and discus so it wouldn’t work for you, but for someone with a community tank and smaller fish wouldn’t they work?

Leeonyah Harrison says:

You just need to trim it lol

doggiesarus says:

That was eye-opening.

Simon says:

Thank you for sharing your mistakes, so we can learn from it !

Alec Bishop says:

Really good to know thanks man, I’m growing lucky grass rn for my 55 gallon I was only going to put it in 1/4 of the tank so only a partial section hopefully this doesn’t happen though.

Jeremy Young says:

Reverse flow plenum to create uplifting flow to keep Solids suspended.

Power head and hose to blow water into the carpet to stir up anything trapped in the carpet ounce a week.

Vacuuming doesn’t work well on this plant.

In the wild this is how these plants flourish by trapping nutrients and prevention of erosion.

I’d also try the kuhli loaches and detrivores to help the problem.

Floyd Matson says:

I would imagine fast flow and regular trimming would mitigate this issue

Anthony Czajkowski says:

Just agitate it a tad a vacuum about an inch above it to get out large chunks. The monte carlo will be more than sufficient to counter the ammonia problem you’re worried about. Filtering doesn’t really do anything about this. Your tank seems pretty heavily stocked as well.

You also said your nitrate and ammonia levels were fine because of your filter. Why then are you bothered by this?

oldsk00l says:

And detritus and FISH WASTE, just look how FILTHY DIRTY it was underneath the monte carlo. FISH WASTE, detritus and FISH WASTE, FILTHY DIRTY WATER, FISH WASTE FISH WASTE, *FISH WASTE*! Food and FISH WASTE, FILTHY DIRTY WATER.

Gathering No Moss says:

Yeah but was there any detritus and fish waste and food

bruceborges says:

You should have tested the water after you had uprooted the MC, I think most of that debris was inert.

Oswaldo Pabon says:

This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Look for professional aquascapers.

Mez Martinez says:

Can’t shrimp get in there and clean?

Kathleen Monsegue says:

Wouldn’t malaysian trumpet snails help reduce all of the detritus?

Amanda Hughes says:

Carpet plants are only suitable for tanks of tiny fish and shrimp. Shrimp are important as they clean up fish poop.

sagrath1982 says:

What were you expecting with such amounts of big fish there in an small aquarium? Don’t blame on the plants

M Mulder says:

You have no idea what you are talking about

Alec Bishop says:

Oh yeah and maybe a way to prevent over growth/spread only put soil where you want it to grow that’s what I’m going to do and just regular gravel everywhere else.

Richard Portelli says:

I would suggest S.repens for this tank.

Nikon Camera says:

Your problem is your tank is OVErSTOCKED.

princess Luna kusuma says:

why u so negative u bicth!

Combed Autumn says:

I know you probably know this and I’m no expert by any means but I think you’ve got to trim that thing weekly down to the bone and run your Syphon at the same time to suck up the trimmings and detritus

Bembol Kalbo says:

go get some baby shark to clean your whole aquarium

Stan TheObserver says:

That’s mostly inert detritus…its not a nutrient sink like you would see in so many tanks that use sands or fine gravels. You would get the same cloud of brown on any healthy plant you pull up.
In aquariums,substrate is mostly just an anchor. Few plants need muck like say a pond plant would. Plus Aquarium plants have so little mass compared to outdoors plants of the same size. Almost nothing when they dry out.
You could just use a gravel vacuum every now and then,and maybe poke the roots with a stick..but a wave of the hand should be good enough.

Jesse Dahir-Kanehl says:

put a pump in with some filter floss and it would clean up in a few hours. regular gravel vacuuming would keep it from happening. probably not even a big deal to have that mostly digested waste anyways.

Backhand Things says:

Waaay too Overstocked on a small tank. Plants use that stuff dude.

yuliya dronov says:

please do your research on planted aquariums before posting misleading information to the general public

Kaiser says:

…you don’t have to vacuum a carpeted tank.
And if you are going to, wait until it matures because it will become disloged and start floating. We are talking about waiting 6 month or so before you can confidently vacuum the carpet.

luka lovorin says:

Overstocked tank and too small filter…

Alcoco says:

I think a mesh film over your water changing funnel will work to get waste out without pulling up the Monte Carlo.

sovit bajracharya says:

you talk too slow

Hybrid_Steeze says:

gently brush it with a toothbrush everyday or every other day and keep it trimmed to prevent build up

Wus Poppin Mayne says:

Don’t make mean comments on his “cannel”!

Cristian Rodriguez says:

Thank you, I love hearing the cons, Im looking for a manageable carpet plant right now

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