VW T5 Conversion – Carpeting, Ply Lining and Ply Floor Installation

See how I carpeted the interior of my van, and installed a ply floor.


G Dub TV says:

Hi, loving the videos. Just doing my T5 at the mo. What do i need to type into google to find the plastic trim you used on the barn doors to edge the carpets? Thanks 🙂

cj cj.millar72@gmail.com says:

thanks yer was wondering when the ebook will be out , I know I converted a 2005 transit back in 2005 so heavy saving the now for a vw looking forward 2 ur next video

Life is what You make of it says:

Great channel, subbed, looking forward to your videos.Atb Dean

Richard Blackwell says:

Excellent video mate. I’m about to start the carpeting. And was also thinking of doing a book as there aren’t any good guides out there. But I’ll leave you to it! Thanks for the video, really helpful!

cj cj.millar72@gmail.com says:

hope you can put a video up soon so looking forward to seeing the van

Christian Henebury says:

Really good video. Thank you

cj cj.millar72@gmail.com says:

have u still got the van or get rid of it ?

I'M ALIAS TV says:

Seen a couple of your vids now and you’re in a very similar position to me. I’m in the process of flooring and just looking at altro floor adhesives which your video popped up. The barn door carpeting, I have the exact same issue – I think fully carpeted looks better, not sure why people would leave the metal showing?? Looks half arsed. But again it’s very tricky trying to get the edging perfect, the rubber trim would sort that and I may do that too. Cheers for your posts, check mine out if you get bored I’m doing step by step too. Cheers, I’ve subbed looking fwd to your progress

Yorkie Mixture says:

Great vid, quick question what did you use to fix the panels in place? I am trying to find some hidden fixings. Cheers

Chris Jones says:

Just bought a swb t5..and I have all this to do 🙂 been watching yours, van man and alias’s vids for inspiration .. Keep up the good works guys!


how much carpet did you have to buy thanks

pterodactylptroll says:

Nice job on the headliner!

Matt Swift says:

great video dude, You mentioned the ebook, any links to where I could purchase? I am just about to start carpeting mine out. Thanks

Dave Dolan says:

Boring or what??? coulda told us the lot in 4 mins,,,,

Boxerrich121 says:

Hi Great videos. Thank You.
Did you solve the issue with finishing the back doors? I was thinking of getting a mastic guy to black mastic the edge of the carpet to the doors? Have you found a better solution?

Brett Bain says:

Nice work


If you still have that floor template mate Id appreciate a copy of it 🙂 cheers

Steve O'Hagan says:

hay well-done u. the van looks grate.

ste guez says:

did u finish it? I’m paying for my pop top tho thinking of converting the inside myself as save many many pounds. good luck on the ebook. good work mate.

Luke Black says:

Silly question but is all the metal Work covered or is it just round the panels?

cj cj.millar72@gmail.com says:

hi love what u’ve done so far 🙂 , did u do the electrics yourself ?

tonybassplayer says:

Very informative and starting to look really nice.

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