VW T5 Campervan Conversion – Carpeting interior trim

A short video showing how I went about carpeting the door-cards and interior trim of my VW T5 camper van project.

Here are some suggested links to products similar in quality to the ones I purchased for this install:

• 4-way stretch carpet (various colours) & adhesive: http://ebay.to/2xdGQwb
• Individual cans spray contact adhesive: http://ebay.to/2xWDYYI
• Carpet cutting blades: http://ebay.to/2hVPsB5
• Hidden trim clips: http://ebay.to/2gAGtbZ
• Elongated trim clips: http://ebay.to/2xdIPQW
• Plastic trim tool kit: http://ebay.to/2gsVb0O

Primary Camera: iPhone SE

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Ralf S says:

one more tip: use plastic gloves. that glue with the carpet fibers will stick to your hands like crazy! you will look like a gorilla 🙂

wayne shaw says:

great vid dude did you use the existing boardsor new ones

HealthPA says:

Thanks for video. Can I ask best way to cover the bare metal left on rear doors? Mine has about 4 inches too and bottom. I’m worried about it rusting and condensed water on it as I sleep. I’m thinking dynamat then spray glue then carpet it. Not inside the hinge area obviously. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Roslyn Roberts says:

Hi, really good explanation. Where did you get your little orange tools from?

Luke Sparham says:

Hi mate! Doing my research at the moment and this is a great tutorial!

This might be a silly question, but regarding the Harrison hidden clips, how do they work? As in if you need to access behind the panel for whatever reason how would you unscrew them? Also do you have a link to their website?

Thanks in advance! Luke

Mark Healy says:

brilliant video…this has really helped me..ty

hunta says:

Great vid where’s the link ?

Mike S says:

Awesome mate, thanks for all the info

Ian George says:

A great help to self build as I’m starting on a Mercedes vito project, big thank you.

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