Today we discus the top 5 easy carpeting aquarium plants. All of the carpeting plants we sell can be found

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nizzthe 1 says:

My fav never makes the cuts

Heath Crowther says:

Do you do free shipping and could you ship to Australia, thanks


Cool video I like the moss in my shrimp tank is covered 80% and I have the different kinds iff moss in a 20g long thanks for sharing

Karan Ramdhani says:

what about dwarf hairgrass as a carpet plant in a 75 gallon tank?

H2O Plants says:

Thanks for watching! Be sure to check out our website to find all these and more!

AquaMoment says:

THIS is what I needed! thnx alot!

A.C. Aquatics says:

I actually had the best carpet ever with wisteria in my 46gal bowfront. Once wisteria grows tall and bushy it will always send out new branches at the base. Those branches are forced to run along the substrate looking for light so it will root itself the whole way. Cut off the top of the plant and your left with a really fast growing carpet of wisteria…lol. Hey it works for me and my channel slogan is “Do what you do if it works for you”

B Mowdy says:

“In no particular order” We all know why you start with dwarf four lead clover lol

AwkwardMuch? says:

hmm makes me a little sad 🙁 i tried planting monte Carlos and they died …started out green and quickly turned brown then turn to mush. so now im trying out dwarf hair grass and christmas moss

Jenni __ says:

My 4 leaf clovers decided to die even tho they were barely buried and I dosed ferts. Monte Carlo aslo decided to die one me rip

Hab SoSlI Quch says:

What are your thoughts on S. repens as a carpet? I’ve been playing around with it in a 10 gallon and it seems to be doing great

Gillysaurxx says:

Is there a place i can buy an already made planted aquarium?

ericmez6 YT says:

Out of these which would benefit the most from nutrient rich substrate. I have a 10g with medium light no co2 but with flourite.

Vy Bui says:

Missin the man bun dude

Katy Brennan says:

When’s Monte Carlo going to be available on the site!!

Mad Fish Diva says:

Great information Justin. Happy Father’s day.

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